[E–pub/E–book] The Count of Nine

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  • The Count of Nine
  • A.A. Fair
  • English
  • 15 May 2020
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Free download The Count of Nine A.A. Fair ¸ 4 Free read characters ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ A.A. 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It is so great to see THE COUNT OF 9 back in print thanks to the indispensable Hard Case Crime imprint after a half century in limbo This hallmark installment in the Cool Lam series by Erle Stanley Gardner under the pseudonym A A Fair stands up extremely well in spite of or maybe because of its age Gardner in his prime was the best selling American author of all time and the uantity of his output was matched by the uality of his work Each of his Cool Lam novels contained the holy trinity of the crime fiction of the era titillation violence and a twisty puzzling mystery and THE COUNT OF 9 is no exceptionBertha Cool and Donald Lam are partners in a small but successful detective agency Cool manages the business side of things with a hard nose and tight fist while Lam primarily handles the legwork and detection aspects Gardner took the stereotypes of the genre at that time and turned them upside down Neither Cool nor Lam was of the mold of females or males who populated the paperback racks in the 1950s and 60s Cool was hardly genteel or soft while Lam s shortness of stature led to his being on the receiving end of a smackdown at least once or twice per book However this did not adversely affect Lam s appeal with the ladies as is demonstrated here This reissue of THE COUNT OF 9 serves as a reminder of both what we had and what we lost in the golden era of paperbacks right down to the new and eye riveting cover by the incomparable Robert McGinnisThe first half of the novel is relatively sedate but incredibly interesting as the agency fails in its assignment to keep a couple of items belonging to a client from getting up and walking out the door during a party The client is Dean Crockett a wealthy travel writer who has collected rare objects from all over the world Missing in action are a poisonous blowgun and a jade statue Entrance and exit to the party were possible through one closely guarded doorway and the blowgun some six feet in length would have been almost impossible to conceal Lam figures out how the deed was done though it takes him a bit of time to discern who took the items and whyMeanwhile Crockett never gets to hear the good news because he turns up murdered in his locked office a victim of one of his own poisoned blow darts It s uite a mystery and Lam has to deal with distractions such as whichever woman happens to be in the room at any given moment the police who resent his presence during an ongoing investigation and a couple of burly enforcers who attempt to physically threaten him However his biggest impediment at times is the difficult but nonetheless entertaining Cool who often is concerned with sueezing a nickel until the buffalo sueals as opposed to getting out of the way and letting Lam work It is Cool s intimidating manner and demeanor though that keep the doors open and the lights on whereas Lam would be lackadaisical at best with respect to business matters They are a mismatched team but a team they are and we are the better for itThis reissue of THE COUNT OF 9 serves as a reminder of both what we had and what we lost in the golden era of paperbacks right down to the new and eye riveting cover by the incomparable Robert McGinnis It is reuired reading for any fan of hard boiled detective fiction who is interested in where the wellspring of his or her favorite novels came from at least in partReviewed by Joe Hartlaub

characters ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ A.A. Fair

Free download The Count of Nine A.A. Fair ¸ 4 Free read characters ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ A.A. Fair Celebrating Alexandre Dumas the origin of The The Count of Monte Cristo wasn’t just a book for Dumas It was a revenge fantasy he wrote on behalf of his father a Black general who fought in the French Revolution and was ultimately betrayed Count | title of nobility | Britannica Count European title of nobility euivalent to a British earl ranking in modern times after a maruess or in countries without maruesses a duke The Roman comes was originally a household companion of the emperor while under the Franks he was a local commander and judge The counts were Count definition of count by The Free Dictionary count kount v counted counting counts vtr a To name or list the units of a group or collection one by one in order to determine a total; number b To recite numerals in ascending order up to and including count three before firing c To include in a reckoning; take account of ten dogs counting the puppies Informal a To Count Wikipedia Count feminine countess is a historical title of nobility in certain European countries varying in relative status generally of middling rank in the hierarchy of nobility The etymologically related English term county denoted the land owned by a countEuivalents of the rank of count exist or have existed in the nobility structures of some non European countries such as hakushaku Count the number of rows or columns in Excel Do the same thing to count columns but this time click the row selector at the left end of the row The status bar then displays a count something like this If you select an entire row or column Excel counts just the cells that contain data If you select a block of cells it counts the number of cells you selected If the row or column you select contains only one cell with data the Count von Count Wikipedia Count von Count known simply as the Count is a mysterious but friendly vampire Muppet on the long running PBSHBO children's television show Sesame Street who is meant to parody Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Count Dracula He first appeared on the show in the Season premiere in counting blocks in a sketch with Bert and Ernie Description and personality This section needs additional Las Vegas The Count of Montecito TV Episode Directed by Daniel Sackheim With James Caan Josh Duhamel Nikki Cox James Lesure The gang tries to f. Not the best of the Donald LamBertha Cool stories but anyway a fun uick read with a blowgun poisoned darts and an actual nude model Nudity is interesting she said but nakedness is not artistic All right