(EBOOK FREE) [In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1] Author Tina Gabrielle

  • Paperback
  • 345
  • In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1
  • Tina Gabrielle
  • English
  • 07 March 2018
  • 9781420122749

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Tina Gabrielle ↠ 5 Free download In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1 Read & Download Ú 5 He professor's daughter is incredible He knows better than to enter a business relationship when he wants to pursue pleasure Yet however desirable she is now Evie is still Evie stubborn smart and never willing to take no for an answer Even though proving her fiancé's innocence might just cost her her o. Reviewed By Sarah LReview Copy Provided By PublisherIn The Barrister s Chambers was definitely a delight to read It had an engaging storyline along with murder intrigue that kept me guessing until the end There is also great character development I enjoyed getting to know both Jack and Evelyn as they were very likeable characters They are folks that I d have enjoyed getting to know in real life As for Randolph he s not an unlikeable character by any means but I would definitely agree with Jack when he thought He is just a boy what she needs is a man Evelyn is a strong independent woman and it s obvious she would dominate in any relationship with Randolph Jack and Evelyn however have great chemistry and work very well together as a team Jack is a much better match for EvelynThe interaction with the other 3 barristers was great They were amusing charming and flirtatious I look forward to reading the rest of their stories and can t wait until the next one is released in September 2012

review In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1

In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1

Tina Gabrielle ↠ 5 Free download In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1 Read & Download Ú 5 D she'll have to do something about the murder charge hanging over his head If only London's top barrister wasn't Jack Harding object of all her unattainable girlhood fantasiesAnd seducing scandalJack Harding remembers Evelyn well but the idea that the gorgeous woman standing before him is little Evie t. Pbs copy 35

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Tina Gabrielle ↠ 5 Free download In the Barrister’s Chambers Regency Barrister #1 Read & Download Ú 5 Courting dangerLady Evelyn Darlington's first love was the law But since a woman scholar meets nothing but ridicule from men she has given up and chosen a future husband Randolph seems adeuate for the task to provide intelligent conversation and not annoy her too much Of course before they can be engage. A good story Don t be surprised if the villain is easily recognizable This novel had many components I enjoy about historical suspense a barrister courtroom drama brawls romance and action The proses are beautifully written However one area I felt lacking was the hero and the heroine were too perfectWhat makes a novel interesting is character flaws Who wants to read cookie cutter characters Despite the heroine stubborness she could do everything perfectly Another aspect that cause me to reduce my rating this young lady has been studying the science of law her entire life but does not use one iotta of her intellectual knowledge to help solve the murder case Her best friend who lived within the confines of the Era was interestingThe hero had a competitive nature however did he have to be presented as a man who won at at everything I would have preferred he be presented as a man who had some enemies that were at least working against him Nor would I have lost respect for him if he d gotten into a fight and had to lick his wounds Men love challenges Spoiler Alert good grief he was too perfect he did not have to chase after her to get her panties off I knew she was attracted to certain types of men but she should not easily given away her virginity The secondary characters helped move this story forward I think the storyline itself would not have held my interest if not for them Especially when certain inserts felt written by a historian35 stars Overall a good lengthy story but no Wow factor