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  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • The Keepsake
  • Tess Gerritsen
  • Portuguese
  • 11 January 2020
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Read & download The Keepsake The Keepsake Free read ï 102 Is de morte egípcios Maura Isles médica forense e Jane Rizzoli detective cedo percebem ue a chave do mistério reside na arueóloga do museu a uem o criminoso parece uerer ofertar as mortes Aliando suspense a um ex. Wow double WOWGreat story lots of twists and turns fascinating victims and even fascinating deaths The book in than one way felt like a race against time Not only are characters being hunted and on the run but the intersection of past and present both complicated the resolution which is great because there are a few great twists in this one but those complications amp up the suspense and keep the pages turning Certainly my favorite installment in a series that just keeps getting better and betterMore back story on our protagonists Maura and Jane but also Barry Frost gets some attention paid to his personal life And I must have missed something along the way This is not the Barry I had imagined 40 something stodgy slightly paunchy detective partner No apparently Barry is a blond good looking Boy Scout of a decent cop in his early 30s huh How did I miss that I like that Gerritsen gives Barry some background because he always felt like the long suffering partner not really a dude with a life beyond following Jane around Certainly looking forward to the next book who knows what will happen next

Read & download The Keepsake

The Keepsake

Read & download The Keepsake The Keepsake Free read ï 102 Nas caves de um museu de Boston um meticuloso assassino deixa peuenas mensagens dentro do corpo das suas vítimas As múmias uase esuecidas são afinal vítimas de alguém fascinado pela cultura e pelos antigos ritua. Maura Isles shows up at the Crispin Museum as a guest for the unveiling of Madam X a preserved mummy recently discovered in their basement However she s soon asked to assume her role as medical examiner when it becomes clear that this is no ancient relic She and Detective Jane Rizzoli now have a modern day Murder on their hands As with the earlier books in this series this one begins with a mysterious and exciting prologue that tugs at you to find the connection to what follows This was a true puzzler as everytime I thought I had things worked out my hypotheses would get crushed with the introduction of a new curve ball The mix of past and present made things even complicated I enjoyed the intrigue and subterfuge as the story moved very uickly Another new narrator Dierdre Lovejoy who was very good She told the story with the right inflections in the right places adding spooky and dramatic flourishes at the right times I really enjoyed her performance making a good story even better I also liked the archeological settings and topics once again learning something new This came very close to being categorized as a mystery with historical elements

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Read & download The Keepsake The Keepsake Free read ï 102 ímio conhecimento médico científico Tess Gerritsen constrói um inuietante enredo de sólidas e surpreendentes personagens Presentes nos seus livros estas personagens inspiraram a criação de uma série televisiv. 35 stars rounded upI really like the archaeology aspects of the mystery with shrunken heads mummies and other assorted aspects The mystery was fun to read and Rizzoli was in kick ass mode which I loveA couple items that were less than greatThe 1st POV of one of the characters wasn t needed and was definitely a distraction at the finale Maura didn t really have much of a role in this one except to mope about her lover the Priest being unavailable Duh I could do without thisThere was a brief part with Santone of the Mephisto Club which is annoying on two elements It s irritating how he always has access to information he shouldn t have but every time he knows people who know something and automatically keep him informed of everything It s just too much And I could do without his club and all the demon talk He didn t add to the story and was an unneeded and irritating distraction from the story