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  • 23 September 2020
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Bones Beneath Our Feet characters á 0 Red Feb 19 1858 in 2004Leschi's name was cleared by a special Historical Court of Inuiry headed by the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court This is not just a native story It is the story of all Americans who live on this beautiful land a story for all who are passionate about tolerance dignity and liberty. The story is excellent but I believe the real history suffers a bit in the telling though This story claims that Leschi was a chief of the Nisually tribe however everything that I ve read before says that the Nisuallies had no chiefs until Governor Stevens designated Leschi as Chief so Stevens could have someone official sign the treaty The tribe was governed by a council of respected members not by one person This story perpetuates the fiction that Leschi was at every attack on whites from the Cowlitz area to the Puyallup and Auburn valleys to the foothills around Bonney Lake All while visiting the Snoualmie tribe in the area around North Bend and the Yakama tribe east of the Cascades Not only improbable impossible Those of us who today are use to travel by car on nice smooth roads can t comprehend the difficulty of travelling even short distances in the 1850s The Puyallup and Auburn valleys weren t nice flat cleared areas like they are now They were covered with timber Some of it was huge Douglas firs and cedars Even of it was Alder groves with standing water fallen trees and a wild profusion of blackberries It was exhausting work for any man to navigate a path through the virgin land Most of the claims of seeing Leschi at an attack were either fear induce imaginings or out right lies to further the governor s agenda Both my ancestors and my wife s ancestors were residents here during this period This is my home turf I ve studied the history I ve been to almost every battle site mentioned and some that weren t Governor Stevens was a lying power and fame hungry little martinet who would use any means to further his goals His legacy is a stain on the history of the state of Washington

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Bones Beneath Our Feet characters á 0 Nderness and betrayal misunderstanding and fear sudden massacres greed and sacrifice trials of law and of spirit warfare and martial law all the richness and sorrow of life This tragic tale resonates powerfully even today though the gravestone of Chief Leschi leader of the Native cause reads LESCHI Judicially Murde. One of the best historical novels I ve read yet The characters engaged me from the beginning I learned so much about this area of the country You must read this book I still see the boy trying to keep his disturbed mother from jumping out her bedroom window Excellent book

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Bones Beneath Our Feet characters á 0 In the beautiful land of Puget Sound there are bones beneath our feetBONES BENEATH OUR FEET is the heartbreaking historical epic story of the conuest of the Natives of Puget Sound by the Boston tribe Focused on the period from 1844 1858 BONES BENEATH OUR FEET explodes with political intrigue stormy intermarriage te. Won as goodreads giveawayI loved the book but I AM your target audience I enjoy books about Native Americans history the Pacific NW and dealing with adversity This book deliversI feel deep sadness for the Native American s loss of way of living They are often portrayed as savages but truth be told the White Man is as savage if not so and for usually lamer reasons Native American appreciation of Nature and Life is majestic Life is about learning to dance in the rain not trying to avoid all the storms This book exemplifiesI also enjoyed the handwritten intro to my wife who won the book The feel of the cover was amazing Grippy without being sticky It felt richGreat book thank youjohn collins