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Read & Download Goldenland Past Dark Chandler Klang Smith Ù 0 Download Download Goldenland Past Dark ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cruit Webern Bell a sixteen year old stunted hunchback devoted obsessively to perfecting the surreal clown performances that come to him in his dreams But as they travel through a landscape of abandoned amusement parks and rural ghost towns Webern’s bizarre past starts to pursue him as wellAlong the way we meet Nepenth. An accomplished and beautifully written debut novel from an author from whom I m sure we ll be hearing a lot A coterie of circus freaks a cynical helper monkey and a seriously disturbed family all share the spotlight in this affecting tale of a circus clown named Webern who is losing his grip on sanity Webern may be the protagonist but it s the female characters in his life who are the most interesting to me Nepenthe the reluctant lizard girl of the freak show Bo Bo Webern s outlandishly eccentric grandmother who really should have been in the novel for longer than she was and perhaps most of all the twins Willow and Billow Webern s spooky witchy sisters who share their own nonsense language speak to others only in rhyme and make art out of dead animals While the characters are extraordinarily well drawn I did find myself wishing there were of a through plot on which to hang my hat But it s not really that kind of novel It s far interested in letting you explore its world at a leisurely pace much like the sideshows to which it pays such loving homage Well worth reading I m looking forward to whatever the author comes up with next

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Read & Download Goldenland Past Dark Chandler Klang Smith Ù 0 Download Download Goldenland Past Dark ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A hostile stranger is hunting Dr Show's ramshackle travelling circus across 1960s America His target the ringmaster himself Struggling to elude the menace Dr Show scraps his ambitious itinerary; ticket sales plummet and nothing but disaster looms The troupe’s unravelling hopes fall on their latest and most promising re. This is exactly the kind of book that makes reading such a joy For all the pedestrian and average and slightly entertaining books out there one of these makes it all worth the effort My friend had given it to me for my birthday based solely on the fact that I liked stories about circus and sideshow freaks From Chizine publications new to me and of excellent uality I had expected this to be horror but it defies any such genre categorization It s simply such a marvelous work of fiction it effortlessly does that thing that great books do when they take you out of your world and transport you into theirs The story is dark moving romantic exciting sad strange happy surprising moving epic cinematographically vivid and so incredibly well written I read it all in the same day Chandler Klang Smith shows so much promise with this most auspicious debut it is most exciting to discover such a terrific new talent Highly recommended

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Read & Download Goldenland Past Dark Chandler Klang Smith Ù 0 Download Download Goldenland Past Dark ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E the seductive Lizard Girl; Brunhilde a shell shocked bearded lady; Marzipan a world weary chimp; a cabal of drunken backstabbing clowns; Webern’s uncanny sisters witchy dogcatchers who speak only in rhymes; and his childhood friend Wags who may or may not be imaginary and whose motives are far sinister than they seem. Original review posted at Layers of ThoughtShellie s uick take A sweet yet dark and mind bending coming of age romance about a sensitive and small clown who is traveling with a circus during the 1960sShellie s description It s a slightly bizarre novel based upon the experiences of its relatable main character Webern Bernie Bell What is special about Bernie is that he is only about 4 feet tall and has a hunch on his back Not a typical person physically he is however a natural fit as a circus clown for a small traveling show While riding his unicycle near his home he is discovered by the show s dramatic owner Dr Shoenburg Dr Show for short Dr Show recognizes Bernie s talent and propositions him for the circus Bernie is happy to leave behind his childhood home to join the troupe because he s always felt like he doesn t fit into a normal life Within the circus he meets Nepenthe the lizard girl and falls in love and finally he feels at homeAs this crazy story about love and growing up unfolds and events push him to face his inner workings it becomes apparent that Bernie has his demons to work through but he has his work cut out for him Things become out of the ordinary when Bernie faces issues of death and has to uestion his identity his familial attachments his heart and some other weird happenings that he experiencesShellie s thoughts This is a terrific story with fun characters I was completely intrigued about the main character Bernie who is a sensitive soul and easy to like which creates a desire to continue reading the story Conseuently I would say that this is of a character driven novel rather than action based although it has its drama with its far fetched ideas and happenings It is certainly weird fiction though what I liked best about Goldenland Past Dark is that it also feels realistic well almostIn addition I particularly enjoyed the author s simple and straightforward writing style which also sucked me in Very clear and thoughtful the writing just flowed for me It s a writing style that is relaxing without having to reread parts or to look up definitions for wordsI d recommend this for fans of the circus and for those who enjoy likable yet non mainstream characters for example a bearded lady a chimpanzee who s behavior is almost human a lizard girl with a disfiguring skin condition and a grandmother who captures cooks and eats raccoons It s especially for those who want realism included within surreal events 35 stars for this heartfelt and offbeat novel I will definitely be looking for from this author