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  • 08 May 2020
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Grown A Man Summary Ó 104 Hilarity talking about everything from old music vs new “I like Big curl ain’t uite right Luther His curl never really curled all the way over Always concerned me” to the pain of political correctness “You can’t even smoke cigarettes on Earth now You got to leave Earth to do it” to the differences between black people and white folks He talks about the influences that shaped him while growing up in small town Missouri a town “so small anyone could whip your butt not just your mama” In Grown A Man you’ll see the many faces of Cedric all outrageously funny and delivered with his trademark warmth and w. Cedric the Entertainer is one of the Kings of Comedy along with the late Bernie Mac Steve Harvey DL Hughley I ve seen all of Cedric the Entertainer s comedy specials and the guy is absolutely hilarious I picked up this book to find out on how he started and made his way up in the stand up comedy scene This book gives you small incites to Cedric s background and it s mostly his stand up comedy material done in written form The problem is reading the material does not translate well as watching his live performance It captures none of the cadence of his speech the essential pauses to the jokes or the personality of this very funny comedian If you want to understand the true essence and comedic power of Cedric the Entertainer then watch The Kings of Comedy or look up his appearance on HBO s Def Comedy Jam

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Grown A Man Summary Ó 104 Ut now it takes me all night to do it It’s not that I don’t like sex but I’m a grown a man I got other things to doYou know those 500 mile walkathon people I’m a grown a man I got a driver’s licenseCedric the Entertainer has sold out major theaters across America starred in Spike Lee’s hit movie The Original Kings of Comedy added his lovable appeal to the WB’s The Steve Harvey Show and his Bud Light commercial was voted the #1 ad on the Super Bowl Now in Grown A Man–his laugh out loud first ever book–he proudly presents the very best of his uniue brand of comedyHere’s the red hot comic in all his. I can only recommend this to Ced fans

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Grown A Man Summary Ó 104 Grown A ManWhat does it meanIt means I ain’t got time to play–no nonsenseFor one thing it means I don’t wear baggy pants sagging off my bootie I can’t let you see my underwear label That’s not cute I’m a grown a man“Grown a man” is than a catch phrase It’s a way of life It’s a perspectiveSay you got a younger cousin He’s got one of those ghetto nicknames He calls himself “Delicious” Says “Hey call me Delicious” You say “Listen I’m a grown a man I ain’t going to call a guy Delicious”Making love is no longer a full time occupation not the way it once was I used to do it all night b. It was ok