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  • 05 March 2020
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Free read The House Read Ø The House ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ing Trix in charge of the House where wayward shifters go for comfort and control But to help Trix needs to get control of herself and her magic Her shifting has always been natural to her But her magic is growing and telepathy is not something easy to deal with It might just driv. In The House Beatrice Trix SinClara investigates disappearing shifters and learns to copes with her changing abilities and responsibilitiesAside from some typos and grammatical errors the story flows well with a crisp and lively paceThe characters are with a couple exceptions individualistic and realisticFor the most part the author does manage to connect the events in the story well though perhaps a bit contrived However as with life not everything is explained I still have uestions Overall an enjoyable read

Free read The House

The House

Free read The House Read Ø The House ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E her mad and take everyone else with herThe witches won't help and rules are changing There is at stake than any of them realiseThe House may just become the centre of the biggest disaster the supernatural community has ever seen Can Trix pull everyone together before it's too la. The House is the story of telepathic shifter Trix as she helps keep her people safe from vampire threats and keep their abilities hidden from humansThe story gets off to a fairly slow start while Faragher introduces various characters and the world she has created is unveiled piece by piece The supernatural side of things was different and I enjoyed learning about shifters and the problems they face Trix was an interesting character flawed and believable The others were likeable in their different ways but I probably liked Stripes the most Towards the end of the book it felt as if the world and characters had been properly introduced and it was now time for the story to really begin A couple of very interesting developments ensured that I m going to have to read the next book to find out what happens I just hope it will be coming out soon Overall this is a fantastic start to a different and intriguing series The ending was brilliant Can t wait for the next part Recommended to urban fantasy fans

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Free read The House Read Ø The House ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Please note that several reviews mention spelling and grammatical errors Following a professional proofread these issues have been resolved Shifters are going missingGrowing magic and rogue vampyre turn Trix's life up side down Then shifters start to disappear without a trace Leav. This is a message from the author rather than a review with some extra info about the characters and the world I have createdTrix is a true born shifter she was born with the ability He mother was a true born shifter and her father was a witch this has been the way of true borns for as long as anyone can remember Both of her parents were killed in front of her by Deacan Mackenzie the details of which will be told in book 2 The Solstice After the deaths of her parents Trix was raised jointed by her grandfather and Marie as Richard SinClara didn t know enough about shifters and Marie didn t know enough about witches She spent most of the year at boarding school but split the rest of her time between her two guardiansAt age 14 Trix moved to live full time at the Covenant whilst attending a specialist school for witches She began to work for her grandfather in the dungeons where she met Jalas officially whom Trix believed to be just over 700 years old Jalas was the court torturer and Trix learnt to use her then empathic abilities to encourage prisoners to give up information or to cause pain as part of a punishment Trix came to trust Jalas implicitly and they started an affair when Trix was 16 much to the chagrin of her grandfather for whom it was something of an embarrassmentAt 18 Trix left the Covenant and her life there behind She moved to the House with Marie and started to help out with the shifters who went there She also helped to run Marie s businesses and filled in for odd jobs when needed Trix was responsible for Stripes and although Marie did most of the therapy for her Trix was the one to make Stripes then Lily feel at home at the HouseAt the start of this book Trix was 22 years old and had been out of contact with anyone from her birth family for 4 years The witches in general stayed out of shifter business unless it would directly effect them but Trix tried to seek help when Marie as well as several other shifters go missing This allows her grandfather to attempt to bring her back into the fold but Trix is cautious She feels that there may be going on that she can see but there aren t any other options In the end her grandfather and Jalas use the excuse of uestioning the witches of 5 vampyre who attacked Trix to show her friends what she did whilst at the Covenant Trix never learns the true reason for their doing this but believes it to be a way of distancing her from her friends in an attempt to get her back into the Covenant Her new telepathy isn t helping either after a disastrous attempt to use her power to help a friend it starts to go haywire and Trix is in danger of losing controlWARNING SPOILERSThe man who took Trix s friends turns out to be a shifter working with several vampyre Meaning that the Covenant had lost tract of several of their vampyre who are turned by and bound to witches almost to the point of slavery Killing the renegades however doesn t stop their larger plan When the residents of the House take home a newly turned teenage shifter they don t realise the danger They have just lost Marie and the entire community is reeling Whilst Trix is at the High Council of witches to answer for her new found telepathic ability which is normally reason enough to remove a witch of their head the new shifter sets in motion a series of events that will irrevocably push the supernaturals into the light Trix is left with a reprieve from the High Council due her accidental pregnancy but her status as a shapeshifter is all over the internet leaving her to the mercy of the British publicBook two starts with hearings about the supernaturals at which Trix is expected to speak despite being 6 months pregnant