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  • 352
  • Cold Print
  • Ramsey Campbell
  • English
  • 02 June 2020
  • 9780812516609

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Cold Print Free read ↠ 104 The Bridge The Insects from Shaggai The Render of the Veils The Inhabitant of the Lake The Will of Stanley Brooke The Moon Lens. Cold Print is a collection of short stories by British horror master Ramsey Campbell all on Lovecraftian themes About half of them are his early stories from the 60s one is from 1976 and the rest come from the 80sAs I had already read the two best stories in this volume the collection seemed like Campbell s second best work But that s hardly fair All the stories are good The Tugging and Cold Print are exceptionally good and the most originalLovecraft s stories might come across as uaint bits of New England in the 1920s but Campbell s world is very modern and very grimy He takes the commonplace events in our world and makes them sinister reminders of what lies beyond the veil His half insane narrators are the tour guides into the otherworldly realms just beyond our graffiti scrawled streets and inhuman entities lurking in the back rooms of porn shopsStories like this swallow you into their vagina and give birth to you with a completely new mindset which actually happens to a hero in one of the stories

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Cold Print Free read ↠ 104 Before the Storm Cold Print Among These Pictures Are The Tugging The Faces at Pine Dunes Blacked Out and The Voice of the Beach. A very good read overall RTC

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Cold Print Free read ↠ 104 A collection of Ramsey campbell's horror stories including The Church in the High Street The Room in the Castle The Horrors from. time again for LOVE CRAFT CONNECTIONthis connection collection includes hunky bachelor AZATHOTH and hot to trot bachelorette SHUB NIGGURATH as featured respectively within the stories The Insects of Shaggai and The Horror from the Bridge Azathoth Nickname the mad nuclear chaos at the center of the universeLikes staring at the stars dreaming music especially the pan fluteDislikes judgmental and close minded people Favorite Craft as Mr Azathoth is roughly the size of a star his biggest hobby is understandably subduing then devouring planetsWhat He Is Looking For cocky civilizations interested in thinking outside the box getting hypnotized en masse and then being slowly digested Shub Niggurath Nickname she goat of the woods with a thousand youngLikes relaxing in nature and in subterranean cavesDislikes uptight people smokers fire in generalFavorite Craft as a fountain of uncleanliness Ms Niggurath enjoys simple primordial delights such as creating procreating and bubbling forth various pseudopods and crawly flappy minionsWhat She Is Looking For adventurous souls willing to live in the moment just let it all go and try something newand now for the review2 Stars for the first two thirds uninspiring and only vaguely entertaining HP Lovecraft pastiches of interest only to Ramsey Campbell and Cthulhu Mythos completists4 Stars for the awesome final third now this is the Campbell that i am familiar with brilliant challenging writing compelling use of the unreliable narrator and the tortured inner monologue an increasingly pervasive feeling of dread tinged with a yearning desire for transcendence of some sort chilling scenarios with often genuinely upsetting imagery and disturbing endings bravo Campbell some really excellent writing inBefore the Storm the inner monologues of a man transformed and the harried customer service staff forced to deal with him a grotesue and often hilarious storyCold Print liberated but lonely gay sadist finally meets some people who understand and appreciate him awwwThe Tugging my favorite story a reporter slowly realizes that his troubling dreams the weird criminal antics of his grandfather and an approaching stray planet are all somehow terribly linked with some er pretty big worldwide changes about to occur To everything turn turn turnThere is a season turn turn turnAnd a time for every purpose under heavenThe Faces at the Pine Dunes an eventually cosmic coming of age tale at first rooted in prosaic kitchen sink realism the young protagonist is expertly and sympathetically depicted and that final image of his parents ughBlacked Out if you are in a remote part of bavaria and approach an unknown village one preceded by a completely blacked out road markerDO NOT GO TO THAT VILLAGE DUMMYThe Voice of the Beach a sinister other dimension that once inhabited our own dimension of space seeks to return one man at a time perfectly drawn atmosphere and a truly unworldly horrorCold Print is worth seeking out for folks who appreciate literary horror if only for those last few tales so for those six great stories job well done Campbell