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Bernard Hellreich Ingram Ë 8 summary

read Unfinished Symphony Unfinished Symphony summary · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Bernard Hellreich Ingram Ë 8 summary Thank you for keeping these facts alive with over 10000 esales since Dec 2012 This is not a book about survival in a concentration camp It is a book about ordinary people maybe like you me on the peripheries of the Holocaust It is a book about an ordinary man who is a young Polish Jewish doctor it tells of the discrimination he faced leading up to WWII It tells how his comfortable Polish middle class life is shattered first by the 1939 Soviet invasion showing the real face of the Stalinist regime then by the Nazis in 1941 who are bent on exterminating a people merely because of their religious background What to do I ask myself how I would have reacted I asked my father how he had the courage to choose to walk the line of a Jew hiding as a Christian How brave was he Not brave at all was his reply I just did what I had to do It is also the story of two brave Christians the doctor's girlfriend a friend of hers how they chose to risk their lives those of their families to prevent the unjust murder of another human being whose only crime was his ethnic background I ask myse. This is a story of a Jew who survived the Holocaust He was indeed fortunate as he himself admits He came close to be identified on numerous occasions but providence was on his side The description of pre war Poland under Russian occupation and thereafter under German occupation is vivid and brings out the horrors OF anti Semitism Voltaire when asked of the Jews what is their crime replied Only that they were born The author uotes a victim of Auschwitz Primo Levi to describe what really transpired Never have so many lives been extinguished with so lucid combination of technological ingenuity fanaticism and cruelty There couldn t be a better description It is natural for a person who has been through such travails to become philosophical The author comes up with seminal statements like A friend has been described as one who walks in when others walk out and It is so easy and satisfying to be generous noble and helpful when one s generosity does not impinge upon one s own well being He goes on to uote Bertrand Russell to convey his own thoughts about religion The harm inflicted on humanity by religious intolerance and hunger for power is out of proportion to the blessings offered How true

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Unfinished Symphony

read Unfinished Symphony Unfinished Symphony summary · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Bernard Hellreich Ingram Ë 8 summary Without bitterness and rancour makes it all the powerful simply yet elouently written Barry Cohen former Australian Minister for the Arts Heritage and the Environment incredible faith and courage one of the most amazing stories to emerge from the wreckage and despair of the Holocaust L E Freeman in The Newcastle Herald Publisher's Note My father the author passed from this world of natural causes in 2008 after what he described as a very interesting life My hope in publishing his story is to document what happened to one man during these dark times let him tell his story to all of you not let it die with him My father did not speak of his war years until I was 8 after many reuests It took him a lot longer to agree to write his story for the public He was a modest man did not think his story on the Holocaust's edges would be of interest as per his Preface All the Holocaust books I have read are valuable not for their literary merit but for the story they tell of barbarism heroism selfless help by others while endangering their own lives the wonderful strength purity of t. How Dr Bernard survived the holocaustVery good book on how a Jewish doctor survived the holocaust I learned a lot from his up beat personality and gifted mind How he survived and took such good care of the love of his life his beautiful wife Would of loved meeting him He was a true friend

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read Unfinished Symphony Unfinished Symphony summary · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Bernard Hellreich Ingram Ë 8 summary Lf could I now do the same if this situation arose The book is priced as low as possible to encourage people to read about an amazing account of survival through the love selflessness of others in a very dark time of man's recent history Two of the central figures of this book Marian Golebiowski Irena Szumska Ingram have been honored by Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum with the Righteous Among the Nations award See the Yom Ha’atzmaut 2010 speech by Dor Shapira of the Israeli Embassy to the Sydney NSWJBD in relation to Irena Sumska's award It is a story of love adventure human values the fugitive Jew in a Christian skin under constant threat of exposure precariously maintaining his false identity in a tiny rural community finally we see Hellreich the penniless refugee still supported by his faithful Irena rebuilding his shattered career in Australia a chapter of heartbreaking difficulties heartwarming satisfaction as gripping and human a story as any told about this tragic period in the history of man's inhumanity to man I couldn't put it down That it is told. The author a doctor who had ualified from Czechoslovakia and Italy before the war began and worked as a doctor until the second German occupation of his region Tarnopol after Germany went to war against the until then occupying Soviets survived and lived through holocaust and was fortunate than most in thst respect but saw much that makes a read uite engrossing and worth To uote a summing up of his travails by the author who lived through holocaust by hiding out with a change of identity In retrospect considering the available literature on the monstrous atrocities of the holocaust my story is one of survival in an idyllic oasis in the midst of a man made inferno To ask for sympathy or to indulge in self pity would be an insult to the victims of the concentration camps I was and have been since immensely lucky thanks to Providence and to my saviour Kichka who organised this comparatively melodramatic scenario of comfort well being and relative security At another point he describes a conversation with a German who discussed with him why Poles were not as friendly with occupying forces as they coukd be and whike the author sidentity as a Jew was undisclosed still the conversation had to be cautious yet some things were said that were true enough Se non e vero e ben trovato It may not be true but it sounds good At another point the author describes the jokes that went around describing the power of humour when a totalitarian regime allows no freedom here is a good one he uotes A German Jew escapes from Germany and manages to get to America where he visits his friend Mr Rosenblum in his elegant office Behind the desk is a huge picture of Hitler What is that for asked the refugee Just in case I get homesick was the answer And here is an accurate pointing out a wider picture by the author Hitlerism was born when culture literature and the arts in Germany were at their peak Nevertheless growing unemployment a progressively deteriorating economy and political chaos contributed to the creation of a better stable Germany under Hitler s promising National Socialism This leads me to believe that in other parts of the world bad conditions in reactionary feudal systems when overthrown are usually replaced by modern pseudo civilised pseudo progressive systems which impose harsh inhuman repressive sanctions and regulations Anarchist and communist inmates of Tsarist gaols or those in Siberia were allowed scientific books had access to good literature which was not anti Tsarist and enjoyed relative freedom of movement In post revolution years life in Siberian gaols and concentration camps was unbearably barbaric involving total deprivation of contact with any product of modern culture I wonder whether the genocide of the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea and the attempted destruction of the intellectual civilised section of their community were intended to take that nation back to the good old days of a primitive and happy past And the post war parts he writes about are just as worth as those during the holocaust years bringing home the facts about prejudices and unfair practices of other regimes and countries He managed to leave when Poland under a communist regime was getting difficult to say the least but Australia where he went with his wife was far from easy and not just because of a difference of language and culture rather because of the unfair practices of Australia in particular and British in general that discriminated then as they continue to do pretty much niw too against things not uite British or Australian in case of Australia although one can bet safely thst Australian prejudices against non Australians do not include British This unfairness when applied in professional capacity and ualifications is just as devastating to the recipients as those during Nazi regimes against Jews although Australia covers it by applying the label of high standards to justify such prejudices in practice