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Read & Download Finding Home 104 A Christmas voyage to LondonSix months ago Alexa Gordon's engagement transformed from happiness to betrayal Christmas is on the way The last thing she wants to do is spend the holiday in mourning for being so foolish with her emotions A spontaneous soul reviving trip to Lon. Magical HeartwarmingFor six months Alexa Gordon mourned a broken engagement As she stood in her kitchen following a recipe for scones memories of a study term spent in Britain engulfed her University friends Peter and Vannie Colby had purchased the cookbook from Harrod s as a gift to her Memories of a happier time sparked a sudden desire to revisit the UK and the friends she d grown to love Discovering Alexa s Facebook status of baking scones and counting down the days till the end of the year Peter saw an opportunity to bring Alexa to revisit London He responded with an offer of free accommodations in the apartment he shared with his twin sister Vannie Peter s enthusiasm and a pictorial description of a scene from the pages of Dickens prompted Alexa to an impulsive decision to return to London for the Christmas season As Alexa and Peter revisited the wonderful places she held close to her heart her attraction for Peter intensified something Alexa wasn t yet prepared to pursue Peter was confused and frustrated by Alexa s hesitancy but encouraged her to listen and follow God s lead as his love for her continued to heightenFinding Home is a delightful and heartwarming rendition of lovable and believable characters brought to life I felt as though I had been transported to London and was given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of that historic city to partake in high tea at Harrod s spend an evening in an English pub as well as visiting Trafalgar Suare and the London Bridge This tale of the struggles of two young people finding their places in life and love is serendipitous and charming Following God s plan for their lives is pivotal in this story of a romantic holiday in London I highly recommend this lovely novellaA complimentary copy of Finding Home was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own

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Read & Download Finding Home 104 Ill keep her at his side foreverAnd God's plan unfoldsBut they live half the world apart and Alexa is shattered by past pain Can Peter help her find the courage she longs for Can he convince Alexa that finding home isn't just about logistics it's about the power of the hear. Marianne Evans writes a Christmas holiday book Finding HomeThis story starts with Alexa being devastated when her fiance changes his mind after meeting another woman Alexa thought they would be together forever and could not believe he would change his mind so uickly She stays to herself a lot and goes over and over in her mind what had been the problem why was she now alonewhat if what ifAlexa had studied in London and had friends there that she felt the need to go see and knew being around them would get her back on to an even path in her lifeShe had loved all the things there like Big Ben walks that led to fav places to eat she spoke by internet to Peter and his twin and soon decided a visit was the right thing to doThe threesome enjoyed much enjoyment together as they grew close once again after their time apart in London Peter then his twin because he had strong feelings before when Alexa was there but felt she was too young for a commitment at that time Now all those feelings and came back and he fell in Love all over againAlexa cared deeply for both of the twins and didn t realize how much Peter s feeling had changed for her She was basking in the good feelings of friendship and feeling so much better since she left the states She had met a man on the plane that was in banking and he was impressed with her and offered her a job opportunity with him if she decided to stay in LondonFinding Home is not always about finding the right HOUSE it is about the place and who you are with Will Alexa find hers before it is too late Will she once again leave Peter and travel back to the states without giving Love a chance to grow for themI think you are going to enjoy this little book and the insight if gives to relationships and Home

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Read & Download Finding Home 104 Don is just what she needsBecomes a mission of the heartPeter Colby a treasured friend from Alexa's study abroad term in England years ago welcomes her back to the UK with open arms He knows she's still reeling but he's determined to show her a proper fulfilling love that w. Finding Home by Marianne Evans is a tale that reminds me of the candies with liuid in the center Just as you are all set to enjoy a sweet treat an intense burst of flavor awakens your senses Author Ms Evans creates a sparkling palette for the imaginary senses aromas to waft your way bright and colorful visual images and sounds that enhance the internal movie playing in our mind s eye even taste sensations and tactile experiences play a role All this is entwined to create unforgettable atmosphere the kind that moves the reader into the setting to experience what the characters experience The story centers on Alexa Gordon successful number cruncher living in Southern California near her family In spite of the warm sunshine of the season she is still in a fog of depression A few months ago her bubble of well being collapsed when her fiance dumped her amidst wedding preparations for another woman Feelings of emptiness were threatening to overcome her She needed a change of scene to knock her out of her funk She thought of her friends Vanessa and Peter Colby Vanessa was her roommate in Britain during a study abroad program in the UK Three years ago they had become fast friends On weekends Vanessa took her to her family in London where they spent some time with her twin Peter The three had become inseparable Perhaps a trip to London was just what she needed Messages flew across the pond via Facebook and video chat and her idea was met with enthusiasm The visit was chock full of atmosphere flash and sparkle as the threesome reconnected Christmas festivities in the city buoyed Lexie s spirits during her two week stay So did Peter s attentions Was she falling in love with him or was this just rebound She wondered how Peter really felt about her The story vibrates with true to life doubts dating denial conflict and resolution It was definitely worth my time to read and I m certain I will read this again many times I recommend this story especially if you enjoy holiday stories of romance