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  • Set To Sea
  • Drew Weing
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  • 04 October 2020
  • 9781606997710

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review ✓ Set To Sea á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ic nautical fantasies but he learns to live and love a Conradian life on the sea all the while writing poetry about pirates bad food unceremonial funerals foreign ports and unexpected epiphanies By the end of his life he’s found satisfaction in living a life of adventure and finding a receptive. Possibly the smallest graphic novel I ve ever read hehReally enjoyed the story and uniue art And I adore the full circle ending Wish I d known about the eye horror beforehand though

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review ✓ Set To Sea á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook And appreciative readership What could one ask for Set to Sea is part rollicking adventure part maritime ballad told in visual rhyme Every page is a single panel every panel is a stunning illustration every illustration a part of a larger whole that tells a story in the deft language of cartooning. Short very nicely done drawings that primarily tell the tale Homage to early comic days to art and poetry the main character is a sea faring poet to salty not really that salty though sea tales very short and small Kinda neat Well done Didn t bowl me over but well done

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review ✓ Set To Sea á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The central character of Set to Sea is a big lug and an aspiring poet who runs up tabs at the local bars by day and haunts the docks by night writing paeans to the seafaring life When he gets shanghaied aboard a clipper bound for Hong Kong he finds the sailor’s life a bit rougher than his romant. From my blogI ve been meaning to pick up Drew Weing s Set to Sea since I read a glowing review of it in Time s Comic Book Club last fall I finally got around to it in the last week and I m very thankful I didWhen I was purchasing it I thought seventeen bucks is pretty cheap for a hardcover graphic novel Then I opened the box it was delivered in and saw why The book is very small and the story is told in a series of one page panels I read it in ten minutes Then I read it again Then I picked it up again that night and read it again It s safe to say I ve read it ten times since plus I keep flipping through to look at favorite momentsIt s the story of a big lug of a wannabe poet in the late eighteenthearly nineteenth century struggling with writing a book of nautical poetry before finding himself on a real sailing vessel Despite his size he s borderline useless on the boat struggling with his life at sea before they re raided and he gets his eye shot out From there he discovers what Joseph Campbell called his bliss as a sailor Through the hardships of this life he not only finds purpose but also his voice as a poetThe legacy of EC Segar creator of Popeye hangs over the entire work I also thought a lot about Jeff Smith s work on Bone The characters are drawn in a similar fashion which many people make the mistake of calling simple Their features may not be detailed but you know everything you need to at first glance Every emotion is on the surface and they re powerful And while the characters are cartoony the environment they re in is anything but You can see details in the grain in every piece of wood and every ripple on the waves that surround them I could frame every panel in the book In fact Weing could have a very interesting gallery showing of his work from this book where attendees could see the story unfold as they moved through the panelsThe storytelling is also first rate In some sections of the book the space between panels is mere seconds and elsewhere it s months By capturing the most important moments and discarding everything in between the book allows you to make the connections This is why the book gets rewarding with every read throughThe most powerful section of the book is where we re taken through years of his experiences from the exotic locations he sees to a battle with a whale to the mourning of a friend The pages may be small but they don t feel that wayI think I ll continue to thumb through this book for a long time