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characters ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ William C. Mitchell

Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reality

Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reality review Í 3 A lucid description of Big Bang Theory is first presented Following that the long list of older flaws in that theory are reviewed and some newly discovered additions to those are presented The combined impact of those flaws forever destroys the credibility of a Big Bang But importantly an alternative theory that is based on astronomical data proven science and logic is then presented Common sense denies the possibility of the accretion of matter reuired for the formation of new galaxies in a relativistically expanding Big Bang universe In fact the possibility of any appreciable expansion is denied Nevertheless astronomical observations of recent years show that new galaxies have been forming for many billions of years Astronomical observations also show existing galaxies are spewing enormous amounts of matter and energy into intergalactic space providing evidence of their gradual death However due to gravitational attraction that matter and radiation combined with the hydrogen that pervades all of space results in the continuous formation of new galaxies in violent swirling clouds of gas and dust Those intriguing features reveal an ancient ever recycling non expanding universe containing galaxies of various ages shapes and sizes This new recycling universe cosmology RUC has been called a masterpiece of research and synthesis In addition to references to source material throughout included herein are several illustrations appendixes that provide related background material and supporting mathematics a comprehensive bibliography and name and subject indexes This book succeeds Mitchell s 1995 book.

review Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reality

Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reality review Í 3 The Cult of the Big Bang that was published with endorsements by allies in the struggle against Big Bang theory Those allies included plasma physicist and cosmologist Anthony L Peratt of the Los Alamos National Laboratories astronomer and cosmologist Halton C Arp of the Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany and Professor Jayant V Narlikar director of the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics of India Despite its anti establishment content that book has been amazing successfulAbout the Author William C Mitchell was born in Connecticut on December 28 1925 attended elementary and high schools also in that state As a teenager he spent over 3 years In U S Navy as a radar technician After receiving additional instruction at the Naval Research Labs on top secret radar countermeasures euipment the birth of what is now called electronic warfare and taught that subject a for year at the Pacific Fleet Schools in Hawaii He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B S in Engineering in 1950 elected to honorary engineering societies Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi By age 24 he had graduated from high school spent over 3 years in the Navy graduated from college was married had an engineering position and a son He worked as a radar design engineer at Bendix Radio Corporation in Towson Maryland and at Gilfillan Brothers and Litton Industries in the Los Angeles area for about 10 years Later was Chief Engineer of a small company specializing in digitally controlled industrial processing that is computerization of processes such as automatic gasoline blending at refineries as early.

characters ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ William C. Mitchell

Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reality review Í 3 As 1960 The last 19 years of his full time employment as Sub Project Engineer and later as Project Engineer at TRW Systems in Redondo Beach California was primarily on NASA scientific spacecraft programs But he also worked in 1975 on such projects as the establishment of technical reuirements for a new Pacific Fleet Commander In Chief headuarters CINCPAC in Hawaii and in 1979 to 1981 on the installation of the NASA Data Tracking and Relay Satellite System TDRSS ground station at White Sands New Mexico Following retirement from TRW in 1981 he worked as a consultant engineer on several spacecraft programs but also on such projects as the computerization of FBI Identification Division data information storage and retrieval in Washington DC Although never fulfilling reuirements for an advanced degree Mitchell completed a number of graduate courses in mathematics science and engineering during his years of employment He has in the past been an airplane pilot with commercial license instrument rating and aerobatics training; and a Cessna aircraft owner Other interests have included music swimming boating fishing and skiing Of special interest has been family; including Holly his wife of 53 years son daughter and grandchildren He became heavily involved in cosmology in the mid 1980s and after considerable study became disenchanted with Big Bang Theory Since then he has worked full time on cosmology and wrote a number of papers on that topic In the early 1990s he wrote The Cult of the Big Bang and for the past 3 years has devoted his efforts to the preparation of this book Bye Bye Big Bang Hello Reali.

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