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By Gaslight review Å 100 A magnificent literary historical suspense novel in the tradition of Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers and Michael Faber's The Crimson Petal and the White By Gaslightis destined to be one of the most acclaimed and talked about books of the year London 1885 In a city of fog and darkness the notorious thief Edward Shade exists only as a ghost a fabled con a thief of other men's futures a man of smoke William Pinkerton is already famous the son of a brutal detective when he descends into the underworld of Victorian. This is an outstanding piece of historical fiction but it is one that demands commitment from the reader It is a long read at over 700 pages long and it is not fast paced It is a book that needs to be slowly savoured for its beautiful and atmospheric writing so a reader needs to relax and settle into it It is set in 1885 in a dark smoke ridden foggy London with its biting poverty dirt stink gaslights opium dens and the underbelly of the criminal underworld referred to as the flash world William Pinkerton agency detective is the son of the now deceased Allan Pinkerton overflowing with grief and unresolved emotions for his famous but brutal father He is in London to find the mythical and ghostly Edward Shade a man that eluded his father in his otherwise successful career as a detective There is no evidence that Shade exists and what there is suggests he is long dead Adam Foole a man who mourns a lost love Charlotte arrives in London from the United States on receiving a letter that she needs his help These two broken men bring the spirit of the Wild West to London as their separate uests lead to the two men meeting and joining forcesWilliam s hunt for Shade has him seeking Charlotte rumoured to know Shade To escape William Charlotte jumps off a bridge A woman s body is discovered cut into pieces in various locations It is identified as Charlotte Adam is overtaken by the deepest grief and a need to knowwhat happened and who did it He is supported by an adept street skilled young girl Molly and the huge man that is Fludd They are able grifters and fit perfectly into London s flash world In a story that provides a detailed background of William Allan Edward and Adam we go back to diamonds in South Africa in 1874 where Foole meets Charlotte and her uncle Martin the Ohio hunt for John Reno by Allan in 1868 the brutal American Civil War Allan s role in espionage and Allan s deep and enduring relationship with the young Edward This is a story of ghosts as William tries to get to know who exactly his father was and Adam comes to understand deeply the exact nature of Charlotte a woman who inspired a life long love in himAs the novel goes back and forth in time we come to closely observe the lives and characters of William and Adam both lost and haunted men whose paths collide in London The author paints a picture of a place and time that just drips with atmosphere and multilayered complex characters that fascinate and engage the reader Hanging over the proceedings in London is the larger than life but dead Allan Pinkerton and the below the radar mysterious and mystical Edward Shade A wonderful engaging and entertaining read However the author does play fast and loose with punctuation for example there are no speech marks Personally I did not find this a too great a hindrance and it did not prevent my enjoyment of the book I highly recommend this book to those who like big books and a mixture of historical mystery and adventure fiction that is beautifully written Many thanks to Oneworld Publications for an ARC

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By Gaslight review Å 100 Lls Above all it is the story of the most unlikely of bonds between William Pinkerton the greatest detective of his age and Adam Foole the one man who may hold the key to finding Edward Shade Epic in scope brilliantly conceived and stunningly written Steven Price's By Gaslight is a riveting atmospheric portrait of two men on the brink Moving from the diamond mines of South Africa to the battlefields of the Civil War the novel is a journey into a cityscape of grief trust and its breaking where what we share can bind us even against our darker selve. A detective s obsession The criminal who got away Upon the death of Allan Pinkerton founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency son William Pinkerton embarks on a uest to find the notorious Edward Shade Although it is thought that Shade perished in the Civil War Allan Pinkerton has left notes and documents indicating otherwiseWilliam Pinkerton combs the streets of 1880 s London looking for Mary Reckitt believed to have information on the whereabouts of Edward Shade In the evening gaslight and fog as William approaches her she jumps from a bridge A woman s head found floating in the Thames River is thought to be that of Mary Reckitt Other body parts of a dismembered female corpse are soon recoveredAdam Foole owner of Foole s Rare Goods Emporium is a thief and a gambler Foole receives for example deliveries of sapphire and rubies secreted in the false bottom of crates of ostrich feathers for woman s fashionable hats Out of the blue Adam receives a letter from Mary Reckitt old flame and accomplice She is in need of his help Arriving at Mary s house he finds out she is deceasedWilliam Pinkerton and Adam Foole form an uncomfortable unlikely alliance in an attempt to find Mary s assailant Mary seems to hold the key to Edward Shade s identity William doggedly pursues the case while Adam dances around it aided by new accomplices ex con man Fludd and six year old Molly so called adopted daughter and adept pickpocketGaslight by Steven Price is a voluminous cat and mouse game centering around the relationship between Edward Shade and Allan Pinkerton While well written and atmospheric I found this tome to be a tedious read at times The 732 page book whittled down to perhaps 500 600 pages might have been sufficient to solve this Victorian crimemystery That said the principal and secondary characters were well developed and their strengths and weaknesses were showcasedThank you Farrar Straus and Giroux and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Gaslight

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By Gaslight review Å 100 London in pursuit of a new lead His father died without ever tracing Shade; William still reeling from his loss is determined to drag the thief out of the shadows Adam Foole is a gentleman without a past haunted by a love affair ten years gone When he receives a letter from his lost beloved he returns to London in search of her; what he learns of her fate and its connection to the man known as Shade will force him to confront a grief he thought long buried What follows is a fog enshrouded hunt through sewers opium dens drawing rooms and seance ha. My Mister Porter used to say Ever day you wake up you got to ask youself what is it you huntin for You can certainly tell that Steven Price author of By Gaslight is a poet as well as a novelist not because his writing is florid or artsy but because his word choices are just so precise his descriptions evocative his sentences rhythmical punchy masculine In this historical epic we readers are deposited in the filth and muck of the 19th century witness to some of that era s most gripping events and through it all are encouraged to ruminate on the limits of justice and revenge love and grief and duty Despite weighing in at over 700 pages this story flew by too uickly the central mysteries keeping me intrigued right to the end By Gaslight is a thoroughly satisfying read Because this is an ARC my apologies if these uotes aren t in their final form He was not the law No matter In America there was not a thief who did not fear him By his own measure he feared no man living and only one man dead and that man his father By Gaslight is told from two alternating points of view In the first we meet an American detective who has come to London in order to tie up some loose ends he discovered in his recently deceased father s journals If only he could find Edward Shade a conman so successful and shadowy that even London s flash underworld speaks of him as part myth William could close the case and return to his home and family The best lead he finds is a Charlotte Reckitt a rumoured grifter in her own right but pinning her down proves difficult Only the soft headed think a thing looks like what it is In the second storyline we meet Adam Foole an international businessman who is returning to London after receiving a letter from that same Miss Reckitt a woman he had loved and been conned by a decade earlier Although Foole has been known to deal at the edges of the law himself he soon realises that the best way to find Charlotte is to team up with the American detective There is much dramatic irony as the reader learns what these two characters are hiding from one another and as the story progresses we discover that their lives have intersected in ways than even they are aware of While that is loosely the plot By Gaslight also deals with the American Civil War and the early Secret Service that each side utilised to infiltrate the other s lines and the use of hot air balloons in airborne surveillance scenes from the Underground Railroad tense tales of bringing Wild West outlaws to justice the dangerous Boers and their South African diamond trade London s opium dens and sewers full of muckrakers and Berserkers a seance early CSI type forensics the brutal British penal system and a peek inside the walls of Scotland Yard This book is a mystery a thriller a love story a sting There are numerous stories of orphans and whether in America or England the horrifying conditions that poor children were forced to live under There are overworked bony horses everywhere a slick of muck on every cobblestoned street waifs in rags begging for coppers and hanging over all the sallow orange glow of gaslamps made sicklier in London by its persistent chilly soot filled fog These stories are exciting shocking and gloomy and with the characters always tired and grimy and uncertain the atmosphere of the whole thing made me anxious which is a useful state to be in when reading a long mystery I kept reading and reading in the hopes that something would improve or resolve itself He closed his eyes and he saw A uarter century had passed and still he closed his eyes and saw Darkness like a fog pouring over frozen cobblestones The creak of chains sawing from hooks in alleys eyes in the shadows stagnant and brown as smoke He could smell the rot around him A clatter of iron shod hooves on stone crowds of men wending between the omnibuses in silk hats and black cloaks and whiskers He was walking He was walking with his powerful shoulders set low and his fists like blocks of tackle and it was dusk it was night he could just make out the silhouette standing under the gaslight waiting The face was turned away but it did not matter he knew that one well I don t know if I m left 100% satisfied by the central mystery and its misdirections and redirections in By Gaslight but the story is so interesting and the writing so perfectly suited that my overall reading experience is completely positive Berserkers in the sewers Aeronauts doing recon Dickens in the reading room What s not to like