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  • 09 January 2020
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Seven Surrenders Free read ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The second book of Terra Ignota a political SF epic of extraordinary audacity It is a world in which near instantaneous travel from continent to continent is free to allIn which automation now provides for everybody’s basic needsIn which nobody living can remember an actual warIn which it is illegal for three or people to gather. 4ish stars In my review of Too Like the Lightning I uestioned whether that book was pretentious After reading this second book I feel that I can confidently confirm that suspicion about this series I think it s extremely intelligent ambitious and layered It s also ostentatious affected and self satisfied Regardless it s very entertaining in a gaudy sort of way and if not uite brilliant it s a very well realized possible future Ultimately the best way I can describe this book is to say that it s a lotIt s intentionally frustrating and Palmer pushes all the buttons that make her audience seethe scoff uestion and contemplate She touches on politics gender and other social constructs sexuality authority and especially religion But is her future society really as plausible as she seems to think it is To each his own I suppose In ways than one I m reminded of Atlas Shrugged Decide for yourselves readers whether that s a recommendation or a dissuasionSome acts stray uite close to erotica or maybe I m just prude there s lots of sex including bondage rape orgy There are also times the novel strays close to trashy soap opera territory Readers can play a drinking game with the number of times Mycroft shudders or weeps It s so interesting though to see the disparity between those sensibilities and the philosophical sophisticated ones If this review seems negative I hope my rating shows that I still really liked it and it s a satisfying conclusion to the first half of the series I m glad for the break before the next book comes out at the end of the year but I m looking forward to seeing how things play out after the events of the first two booksPosted in Mr Philip s Library

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Seven Surrenders Free read ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Hed from one another by their different approaches to the big uestions of lifeAnd it is a world in which unknown to most the entire social order is teetering on the edge of collapseBecause even in utopia humans will conspire And also because something new has arisen Bridger the child who can bring inanimate objects to conscious lif. Full review on Youtube really loved this as much as Too Like the Lightning

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Seven Surrenders Free read ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook For the practice of religion but ecumenical “sensayers” minister in private one on oneIn which gendered language is archaic and to dress as strongly male or female is if not exactly illegal deeply tabooIn which nationality is a fading memory and most people identify instead with their choice of the seven global Hives distinguis. Damn it s a great time to be a reader of Science Fiction Authors like Ada Palmer and books like Seven Surrenders make me genuinely excited about SF and where the genre is going From the first page in her new novel Ada Palmer continues the story she began in the scintillating Too Like the Lightning and the two books can be read as one story split into two halves I m guessing they were written as one story but would be too large if left as one bookMycroft Canner indentured servant friend to the powerful and one time sadistic mass murderer is once again our narrator reporting on the meetings of world leaders their secret dalliances their power struggles their betrayals Through Mycroft s eyes and occasionally the eyes of someone he has invited into his story we see events that threaten to shatter the utopia that earth has become a world with no war no hunger no want The characters introduced in the first novel The Saneer Weeksbooths Bridger the god child who can bring any inanimate object to life JEDD Mason the strange youth who can see a person s deepest secrets at a glance and appears to be the heir apparent to many of the world s leaders Carlyle foster the Sensayer and others continue their machinations as the revelation of a centuries old murderous plot A plot used to keep the world from war threatens to spark a civil war of unimaginable epoch defining brutalityAround this fascinating plot Palmer continues to explore ideas of gender and faith bringing new insight and ideas to the old trope of the near genderless future where everyone gets around in androgynous robes and uses theys instead of his and hers one of the most fascinating ideas she presents is the impact that old gendered forms of sexuality could have in a society only a few hundred years distant from the sort of gender roles we have in 2017 Could sexuality and gendered behavior be used as a weapon in such a society Could people unused to gendered behavior be vulnerable to seducers using old forms of behaviour And should they succumb could they become addicted to illicitly partaking in socially frowned upon gendered behaviour and then be manipulated by their unprincipled seducersThis is a novel unafraid to play with ideas like this in an interesting and convincingly constructed future an interlinked world where nation states have been overtaken by voluntarily joined Hives societies formed by millions of like minded individuals It s a fascinating tightly constructed work that left me in awe of Palmer s imagination and writing skillsPalmer has a gift for interesting characters and convincing conversation it s a rare book that can hold my interest through pages and pages of meetings and keep me coming back for but Palmer does this She makes political machinations sexy and nails the tensions and undercurrents that run beneath the conversations of the powerful making these sections addictively entertainingThat s not to say there s no action no high stakes physical threat in Seven Surrenders There is engagingly depicted action here but it is not the book s focus and if you re looking for a kinetic splosions heavy story I would look elsewhere If however you re looking for a thoughtful SF story with intrigue betrayal regret and intellectual heft then this is the book for you Seven Surrenders isn t perfect but it s damn close to it and I ve already ordered my copy of The Will to Battle book three in Palmer s seriesAda Palmer is to my mind one of the bright new talents in SF and this book cements that reputation She has written only two books so far and both of them deserve to be included on SF book of the year lists If this is what she can do at the start of her career I m very much looking forward to the work she will produce when she really hits her stride