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  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Deathlist
  • Chris Ryan
  • English
  • 14 June 2020
  • 9781444783568

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Deathlist Read ☆ 6 Ion Porter and another surviving operator John Bald are taken to a secretive briefing in London Their orders to hunt down and kill those responsible for the attack What follows is a deadly game of kill or be killed as Bald and Porter lead a Strike Team across Europe on a blood soaked mission of revenge. Good ReadIt s a fast auctioned good read to fill in time and pleasantly spend a few hours a good holiday read

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Deathlist Read ☆ 6 N Porter once a promising young Blade now a broken man and a drunk seeing out his days in the Regiment Training Wing But before the Fan Dance can begin six masked gunmen carry out a devastating attack Dozens of soldiers are killed In the aftermath of the massacre and with a government desperate for act. Audiobook Deathlist Chris Ryan Strikeback 01 Started Saturday 1 December I was looking for something action uick and easyAbandoned Sunday 2 December Very static boring dialogue Not worth the effortdnf 10 of 50

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Deathlist Read ☆ 6 John Porter hero of the original Strike back novel and TV series returns in an exciting adventure when old enemies attack the SAS 1999 A bitterly cold morning in the Brecon Beacons and the soldiers trying out for SAS Selection are preparing to face their toughest test yet Overseeing the soldiers is Joh. I had thought this would be a direct seuel to StrikeBack however it feels like a preuel only it s set somewhere in the time space that seperates Strikeback s two parts As such i would recommend reading that book before this it s not reuired but it would give away something that happensThis is a damn good read dark and gritty but i felt the ending seuence was killed off a bit too uickly The characters are rather 2d with little in the way of development but this isn t that sort of read so if that s what your looking for then stay away Great if you enjoy action and thrillers