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Color of Violence The Incite Anthology Free download · 105 Levels of violence perpetrated from within and without their communities;• recognize how the medical establishment inflicts violence such as involuntary sterilization and inadeuate health care on women of color;• devise new strategies for cross cultural dialogue theorizing and alliance building;• and much much INCITE Women of Color Against Violence was born in 2000 when than two thousand dedicated activists from diverse communities came together to end the war being waged on women of color in the US and around the world Now the l. This book is an intervention in both second wave feminism single issue white dominated sexual assault support and anti oppression activism that condones or ignores sexualized violence The central premise of the The Color of Violence is that anti sexualized violence work cannot be separated from anti oppression work Violence against women includes sexualized violence and all other forms of violence Violence experienced by women and especially by women of color lower income women and ueer and trans people is perpetrated by partners community members and the state police military the criminal justice system Forms of violence include sexual assault reproductive injustices patriarchy poverty capitalism racism white supremacy environmental injustice police brutality and war These different kinds of violence intersect acting together to create the imbalances of power that allow further violence to take place To respond to and end violence against women then each level and kind of violence must be named and addressed directly But none can be addressed in a vacuum without also acknowledging and targeting its intersections with other forms of violence This means that domestic violence cannot be addressed without a solid analysis of the myriad repercussions of different responses It s imperative to respect survivors own assessments of what constitutes violence in their lives and if that includes the state then it s eually imperative to create community based responses to sexualized violence to which the state is not a partner

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Color of Violence The Incite Anthology Free download · 105 What would it take to end violence against women of color How does the mainstream antiviolence movement help How does it hinder When will we admit that repositioning women of color at the center of the movement women often harmed by the police prisons and border patrols than aided by them means that we must address state violenceIn Color of Violence INCITE demands that we• reconsider a reliance on the criminal justice system for solving women’s struggles with domestic violence;• acknowledge how militarism subjects women to extreme. I ve read several chapters of this one over the course of various gender related classes but I don t think I ve read the entire thing so it s still on the to read list But with five stars for the stuff I have read

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Color of Violence The Incite Anthology Free download · 105 Argest multiracial grassroots feminist organization in the United States INCITE boasts chapters in than 20 cities Color of Violence The INCITE Anthology presents the fierce and vital writing of 32 of these visionaries who not only shift the focus from domestic violence and sexual assault but also map innovative strategies of movement building and resistance used by women of color around the world At a time of heightened state surveillance and repression of people of color Color of Violence The INCITE Anthology is an essential interventi. I feel like only a super dense white feminist would intrude on this book with her critiues As an outsider for whom the book is neither by nor for I value and appreciate it for the insight it gave me I had vague ideas that law enforcement is not a friend or a tool for disadvantaged communities but I never realized the extent to which it could doubly victimize women of color who attempt to turn to it for help The last chapter was especially helpful since it actually got into what community based solutions could look like which seemed to be a struggle that other organizations faced