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Free download ´ The Hundred Ald Trump was elected Don Lemon was in a dark place After leaving the CNN studio where he hosts his nightly show he would over eat drink too much and end the night replaying the disturbing events of the day in his head Trying to keep pace with the relentless news cycle and to remain rational and committed to the facts despite vitriolic attacks from the new president and his staff Don was growing increasingly disconnected from the world his family his soul and his spiritEventually the seasoned journalist realized that while he could not change external circumstances there were smaller forces in his life online distraction emotional isolation and his physical and intellectual ha.

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Free download ´ The Hundred CNN host Don Lemon’s poignant and inspiring story of hitting rock bottom in the wake of the 2016 election and his 100 day journey towards self improvement a powerful call to reconnect and stay true to your purpose in turbulent times“I woke up with a strange kind of hangover on November 9 2016 not just because of the cocktails the night before but because the full effect of 18 months of spin semi truths prevarication and talking points had finally caught up with me Worse I knew that I’d been an active participant in the maelstrom and I had a terrible feeling that I’d played my part in adding to the noise rather than subtracting from it” Don LemonIn the days after Don.

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Free download ´ The Hundred Bits that he could control Embracing his favorite James Baldwin uote “The very time I thought I was lost my dungeon shook and my chains fell off” Don resolved to tune out the chaos and return to his true purpose and valuesThe Hundred is the story of Don’s change from within how he cultivated a calmer focused and better life than he considered possible While the media obsessed over Trump’s first 100 days in office Don used that time to focus on improving himself Sharing his insights and lessons he offers a crash course for navigating life in uncertain times fighting for what you believe in channeling your emotions into positive change and activating your survivor’s DN.

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