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characters Maria Callas ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E show the world broke out in applause shouting bravo bravo glorify Maria Callas Maria excited from the public's response could not hide her joy Helen Helen saw what it becameshe said all the time when she came in it's terrible how he touched the world Maria is a vindication to you you have succeededto excite the Japanese unfairly worriedWatch out who was in the audience applaud like crazy shouting bravo bravo Do not tell me he is Aristos here I was saying it anytime now will show up to be surprisedI will do that I do not know do not spoil itMaria Callas and Aristotle Onassis stayed in a traditional hotel close to the sea which was built on a hill Α uiet one from the air bay offered shelter to the ships that arrived there Blooming cherries create an amazing spectacle said Maria Callas they look like beautiful brides ready to marry happily In the autumn the blooming ginkgo look like literally golden carpet giving another dimension in the area replied OnassisFamous bonsai revealed the spirit of Japanese nature while the cypress trees guarding the garden entrance The two mythical lovers made excited walk in the fantastic garden24Aristo smiled smelled the intoxicating perfumesthey travel deeply to the Japanese soul to places distant and dreamy within the legendsand the traditions in the land of ChrysanthemumMaria in a strange way you fragrant geraniumsit is from the aromas of geranium or some perfume Ari Ari looked around enjoyed the spectacleof flowering cherries in Japanese traditionthis shows how passersby we are from this the futile world It shows the beautiful things they keep very little replied Onassis smiling showing that all is coming and goneThat is why we must live our love with passion as if there is no tomorrow if this the day she is the last one Maria you came and you really changed my life you showed me another world the world of opera art to learn to appreciate the history the myths the traditionsCome on Aristo you exaggerate you may not be friend of art but your interest was realBesides I believe that love can change the man to make him look different the things what beautiful colorful mystery stunning excitement and surprises Mary your face reflects the beauty of your soul I see you are truly happyand that makes me twice happy happyYou gave me the impossible the unbelievable lovethe first time I feel such feelingsWonderful Maria Callas was a charismatic creaturea splendid person with amazing talent divine voice that literally transformed whoever was in contact with her What beautifully thing what a beautifully thingit started raining Maria shouted happily25Aristo come we are protected under the blossomed cherry trees the rain will not keep a lot it will stop short It will just complete the cycle of eternal return it is made from earth that brings birth and deathYou see you see how it runs from the flowers and the leaves in a lasting move watering the soil said Aris A moment a moment just came to mind an AriaI honestly did not expect to feel so happyMARIA KALLAS ARIAYou see you see Arithe sunlight illuminates all creationrevealing the worldthe small and the big onesThe winds like the wavesthey transport our love the passions of peoplethe continuous flow of feelings thoughtsfears old and newLooked Lookedhow the raindrops of runto the flowers and leaves in the bloomed cherry treesThey are the tears of personthat mirrors the beauty of his soulhis dreams his distresses his passions ARISTOTLE ONASSIS ARIAExists such transparency that all became one26they returned to themselvesYou see you seethe rain disappearedthe iridescent colors appearedof the rainbowIncredible serenity dominates arounddeep into the soulAn open mirror that reflectsthe sky the sea and the earthMaria Mariathe soul was released immediatelythey left my burdens the sins of centuries I became a lightweightI fly I flyAristο come and walk a little still in the gardento go to the sea that you love so muchAn invisible secret force led Maria to the sea what beautiful all around reminds Greece as if we were on a Greek beach The seascapes when you are next to the sea they resemble replied Aristos Τhey have a common element the water but here the bay really is so much graphic as if are come from a Greek island Perhaps are absent us our homeland the incurable nostalgia to make it look in our eyes Greek replied nostalgically Maria You know I still hear her voicemy mother wakes me up from the wild dawnsto read study music and prepare for school You only knew that this moment how much I would like to be in Greece and in particular summertime in Aegean you remember Maria how I forget how I forgetsuch happiness you are always in my heart27GREECE ATHENS 1940 45 46 47 WORLD WAR B' POSSESSION NATIONAL RESISTANCECIVIL WARAntoni I live with you a great love I am real happy I feel complete woman we are doing this fight for a free homeland Beautiful Helen one is for surethat the only winner is Love no one is going to divorce us nor the deathYou are the great love of my lifearound the war dominates but I do not know what's going on I feel so much light I was freed from loveBeloved you are the guardian of my angel what I would make without you I would lose in the madness of warYou have the scent of flowers the mystery of the sea that drifts the pebbles when it pops in the seashore The Greek Passion is his deification Tragic expresses the prosperity of the subjugated homeland said Antonis Romanos The Great Powers impose their will Maria must liveto sing to tell the world what became in occupied GreeceRomanos the love by its very nature is subversive rebel answered Helen convulsed we live the nostalgia of return in the lost paradiseThe expectations the dreams that we will be achievedthey will not be never betrayedBeautiful Helen you are goddesswho is circulates in occupying Athens making the goodgiving life to common mortals Only in dreamsthere is such beauty have the perfume of your soul28Romonos the beauty the happiness they do not have memory I think about you every day in these difficult timesthe war that scatter the fear the deathNight was when I kissed you for the first time I remember this moment in all me the life The three friends Maria Callas Eleni Douka andAntonis Romanos discussing arrived at Herodionwithout realizing it Maria would play in the famous theater Leonora from Fidelio The world had already filled the theater early they were listening the voices shouted and gesturedMy mother Mrs Evangelia with my sister Jakcie they are already inside waiting for to see the show how I will singHerodes Atticus theatre is the best theater in the world said Antonis Romanos it is a great honor for you to startyour career from this theater The all Greek people are with you in support of you seeing as an action of resistance against the conuerors You see is totally full five thousand people and has too many from outside The freedom is gained with fights and sacrifices the deads thousands from this fierce war they are asking for their rightIt is the beginning of big course replied Maria Callas nobody was born inferior subordinate we are all creatures of God I believe in a better world without fascists and tyrants for them I fight for a free world The war made big villain mad the people Eleni Douka answered lost the value of the measure of human lifeRomane I passionately loved you I am dying for youbut the redemption is slow for the souls of menSmelled smelled what beautifully smells around the 29Acropolis and the theater smelled pine thyme basilwith one remorse the guilt’s the song of Athens is a hymn to Freedom Only the death will separate us the death mourning does not fit our loveBeautiful Helen love is the only winnerI love you listen to me I am dying for youSuddenly the sky of Athens filled with celestial melodiesI live a dream that I never want to finishUntil the liberation of Athens until they leave the conuerors our love will be hiddenI'm afraid the world will rise and became a fussthe resistance is well armed said MariaNo no this is not going to happen said RomanosI know it very well The National Resistance wants becomes the show to seens the all world what they can make the Greeks The opposite perhaps becomes something of the side of conuerors When they see so much people may arrest some for retaliationnothing can make the Resistance said EleniNone of this is going to happenno one favors a conflict inside and outsidefrom Herodes Atticus theatre under the Acropolis when it is a German project Fidelio of Beethoven is coming up answered Antonios Romanos seriouslyHerodion August 1944 to remember the day will be left in HistoryMaria the fact took big dimension is not simply an artistic event Τhe play of Fidelio for first time in Greece is an important event Perhaps this is the last year that the country is in the possession of GermansThe Greek people have risen to break the bonds 30 LOS ANGELES HOLLYWOOD 1950 60 The relationship between Maria Callas and the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis was fatalSurrendered by the way of life and resigned progressively from the song resulting in her voice to lose strength beauty expressiveness She worked very much singing many different roles that pressed her voiceand why she lost a lot of kilos in a small time spacethis influenced her voice That's why she tried to passes in the cinema playing Medea in the film of Pier Paolo PasoliniThe big feast became when they began to play traditional songs Cretan Macedonian Pontian insular and all sorts of orientalWhen relatives and friends heard mantinades Cretan songs from a great Lyrari and got up to danceThis house is beautifulto live like the high mountainsto reach the height of PsiloritisFriends friendswe came from Crete the mythical Island31From here from herelet us join you we have Ouzo from CreteBeautiful girls appeared with traditional costumes holding trays with treatsto offer to the whole world became loss What is this said Maria Callas excitedgreat feast all are happy full of joy dancing song This really has to be done on cleanGreek Opera to show the Greek way of lifeI came to take you out from the Labyrinthdo not be devoured by the terrible monster the MinotaurI came to escape you from lies and scamsto live really happyhave beautiful marriage and good descendants All together they applauded warmly shouting and singing drinking in the health of lyrari Suddenly as by magic they passed into another dimension in total oblivion where they began to come out in the surface the deeper thoughts and desires of the guests This has paralyzed many changed immediately their mood began to become aggressive erotic Maria what's going on asked Elena I'm just a little afraid you says threw nothing in the drinks and they all began to express their appetitesDo not be afraid is nothing the Games of time they are Games of love from these inexplicablesudden transformations of peopleKaterina Katerina you are my loveyou lost I ate the world to look for you32A to be lost you hear erotic confession thereyou are secretly in love with me married womanwith two children as if you are not asleep a little But it was a pleasure she thought he had long to flirt with me to claim me a man the marriage finally kills What I hear what I hear Eleni cried is totally surreal is it a game where one expresses the deepestit teases the one the other without they be misunderstood Probably Helen does not leave you may they come to do and to us erotic confession cried Maria happy it would be very joke it would have been fun I'm curious to see who we liked answered Helen laughing but we are invited they will not tease us What became that you pass asked Tom laughingstill did not make you no one marriage proposal did not fall in love with you madness Tom what it becomes asked Maria curiousa game is a game where the guests interact with each other without any misunderstanding they say and do what they want Luckily happily said Helen taking deep breaths and we thought that suddenly we passed in a other dimension it is very beautiful however Beautiful Helen will marry me asked Tom smilinghe knocked removed from his pocket a box with a diamond ring and showed itTom Tom what is that you say trueI do not be believed you make plate Maria said something you are my friendI do not know I do not know is a true suggestion answered laughing madly33Tom Tom Ι will kill you I will kill youthey do not make fun of such serious thingsBut it is true you want to become my wifeI will make you happy A you keep going you keep goingOh God what do I pull well you will see what you will suffer and you Maria do not make that you do not understand they all laughed together happily and were embraced happy Maria today you are very revealingit seems to me that apart from archaeologist I will become a historian I think I keep notesfor what you say or get a tape recorder to writeCome on do not tease me you know when I'm talking for the past leaves a burden I feel better I do one account I understand what I was doing right or wrongEleni when I hear a song I repeat it with the original tonemy ear never betrays meFor this what I heard and sang today was a lot Teaching I learned a lot about the popular and the folk songs is an inexhaustible wealth La Paloma is my favorite songwhich I often sang in operetta and lyrical scenes Lily Pons is my favorite singerit affected me a lot I heard all her recordingsMy voice is soft began to be recognized as Callas after the lessons I did in Greecewith my teacher the famous Elvira de HidalgoI went to the Athens Conservatory when I was 15 years old at the beginning I was singing with an instinctive techniue which was vocally dangerousI was the little singer in school I sang operettas I played a Chinese prince a sailor and other roles similar34THIS IS THE DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIMETHIS IS THE HISTORYNIKOS KOLESIS.

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characters Maria Callas ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook SYNOPSIS MARIA CALLASΑ GREEK MYTH NOVELLA1 Also wrote from the NovelΝovella 2 theaters and 2 operas six booksIt concerns the life and work of Maria Callas through the interpretations of great plays that played Norma Tosca Medea Isolde Anna Bolena Leonora reveals the struggle of heroines for the final vindication An anthem an epic an elegy for the fight of women for absolute liberation euality finally the knowledge the supreme lightAri you do not know almost nothing about me I do not talk to you for me how I grew up for my childhood you know New York America gave me the dream the journey the ability to become what I became Beautifully – beautifully to hear you Maria if you feelready to talk about the past as you saw this it kills means death but also rebirth togetherAt some time perhaps I speak also for me to reveal to you my great secrets but not nowI was born here in New York on December 4 at Flower Hospital in New York outside had oneterrible snowstorm perhaps this determined my lifeMy parents George and Evangelia Kalogeropoulou came to America from Meligalas of PeloponneseI still have two siblings Jackieand a boy who died in his three yearsMy father was a pharmacist when he made his own pharmacy our life became betterWe changed many homes in New York in Hells Kitchenin Manhattan in Riverside Drive Eventually we were in a comfortable apartment in Walsington Heigts 2in Manhattan I have to say how my mother first discovered the divine gifts of my voice from a very young age She wanted to make me the child a miracle and managed I was singing unusual notes for thismy mother who was a lover of opera she understoodthat I had a good voice and wrote me to the ConservatoryΤhe teachers of vocal have cultivated my talent I am whatthey say a soprano sfogato a soprano exploiting the entire dynamic spectrum of three octaves Of course my love for musicand especially for the opera is greatMy teacher at Wadsworth Avenue in New York said I have a nightingale in my neck while my classmates signed up for the albumthe wishes of the future great singerYou know Ari my sister is very beautiful cheerfulfriendly for this my mother preferred Jacky than me where I was an ugly duckling with a divine voiceΜy sister was also singing she also took piano lessonsshe was good good enough but it was in all well known that she could not never reach meFrom there many issues began with my motherand my sister I will not say about it nowI knew that I had a beautiful voice and caused admiration in the world The song saved me from many problems I had a lot of pounds and not onlyLater when I grew up my relationship with my mother became ugly we had no contactUnfortunately my mother Mrs Evangelia left my father Gentleman George Kalogeropoulosand she returned to Greece taking together me with Jacky was in 1937 I uickly started the lessons3singing at the National Theater with teacher Maria Trivelathen was careful me the famous Spanish inter war soprano Elvira de Hidalgo that lived in Athens She taught me the secrets of the art of song formed my perception for the song how to sing she helped me get hired at the Lyric Theater in 1941 There first time I sang leading role in Tosca of PucciniIn 1941 I was hired as a protagonist at the Royal Theaterat the age of 17 years Unnecessary to tell you howI caused the anger the jealousy of female colleaguesI was the protagonist in Beethoven's Fidelio knowing big success but also reactions because became in the occupationFast I saw that Lyric had some possibilities for that I decided to go back to America close to my fatherIt was then that from Maria Kalogeropoulou becameMaria Callas Tulio Serafin the director of orchestra became my mentor helped me I perfect my voice then I met the Italian industrialist from VeronaGiovanni Battista MeneghiniMusicophile said how he fell in love with me at first glanceplayed a big role in my evolution I loved Menegini very as his daughter than as his wife I married on April 21 1949 he became my impresarioI became soprano with millions of fansI started dieting to lose the extra poundsand I transform into Divaueen of Manhattan Hells Kitchen Walsington Heigts they said and said in the all world full of pride is ours says from here it started to conuer the world I do not remember if I told you4that they rejected me from Metropolitan OperaI remember it very well I will not forget it in all my life I made an audition in 1945 was thenthat I had the extra pounds despite my efforts I did not lose any weight They proposed Ι singing Madame Butterfly if possible a petty woman from Japan all laughed with the proposed they wanted to drive me out That's why Metropolitan Opera did not propose any contract anything nothingWhen I sang Leonora of Fidelio in Herodion in Athens it became loss Five thousand and peoplehotly applauding for an hour it was an action of resistance You will not believe it here they asked to sing Fidelio in English such unreasonable suggestions I gave up and I left angry stubborn how I will accomplishsaying the director Johnson I will return one day I will return and you are kneeling reuest to sing at the OperaI am the biggest singer in the worldto remember it to remember it do not forget itYou hear what the atheist told me he did not have the god his Maria must lose a lot of pounds to see the upper and lower expanse of your voiceMaria why you are sad what you worry does not exist reason why come back to Metropolitan Operain the beloved New York triumphantly you were welcomed as suits to a great Diva They laid a carpet to pass Rudolph Bing reuestedto play until the last minute Yes that's what I am very satisfied with but you know have the mentality of immigrant Wherever I travel wherever I go I carry Greece inside me as an priceless treasure5Maria we are deep Greek women that born in America New York and travel around the worldYes yes exactly with what nostalgia I remember whereI sang in honor of John Kennedy at 45th birthday I was singing Hapy Birthday Mr Presidentwith Marilyn Monroe Really seriously you speak I do not ask who sang betterΥou're joking want a uestion Marilyn of coursehow to compete such a lustful eroticismas you understand the body overcame the voice GREECE SCORPIOS THE ISLAND OF ARISTOTLE ONASSIS The sunset at Scorpios was amazingdivine Maria Callas and the beautiful Eleni Douka enjoyed the magic of sunset lying on armchairs by the seaThe nightingales sang so much loudly that shook the visitors of the island did not leave them in uietness My nightingale poet sang the Love it sang the love because only this saves souls the nightingales sing when they are in love Scorpios was a green island Onassis brought and planted trees and flowers from all over the world made the island a terrestrial paradiseMARIA ARIA Born in constellation Sagittarius6my destiny was to singThe passions the follies of peopleNorma Medea Traviata Toscadragged to dance the darkness of HadesThey showed the true LightNothing nothingJust loved their idolsI sang to SLIGHTLYthe pain of personsWhat is LoveWhat is DeathI sang a shamAn impossible dream Nightingales singWhen they are in love Aristotle Onassis came from the garden side listened the song of Maria and was moved a nightingale sings on my island seems to be in love asks to go with him He went to the two women and kissed them asking how that they pass the goddesses of Scorpios are thanked Maria you are beautiful divine you give life you embellish the island the sun the sea changed your face you look beautiful you bloom with joy happiness thus I want to see you always happy I am at home in Greece every time where I am in homeland I have this feeling that all are mine they belong to me that I am deeply rooted here An incredible freedom floods my soulI want to run to shout to sing and then it is the light this merciless light The absolute love of shipowner Aristotle Onassis with soprano Maria Callas was a version7of Greek ParadiseARISTOTLE ONASSIS ARIAHe is passionately looking at Maria CallasNostalgia of Lovenostalgia of return in homelandmake me happySmelled jasmine violetsThe language of flowers is the most innocentRoses hyacinth lemon tressLaurels and oleandersget drunk from nice smells I've never had a true homeOnly here in Scorpio rootI found the true peace Nostalgia of ReturnIn IthacaThe guests of Aristotle Onassis went down in the beach They spoke loudly gladly enjoying the enchanting nature admiring the amazing sunset Aristotle you sang is astonishing you became romantic How changes the man when he falls in love he is transformed said Winston Churchill Greece only Greece can inspire Love everything here is different Love is changing the man sweeps his soul becomes sensitive vulnerable Aristo only on your island you feel beautiful you become another People noticed Aga Han you are next to the sea that you love so muchThe eternal the eternal mistress completed Elena Rosa8who was next she will never leave her neither betray him Aristotle smiled politely he went to the sea and showed the yacht Christina Well my friends I have an ideawe go Cruise to the Aegean Sea Christina is waiting for us what you say you are inDear Ari who can refuse such an invitationanswered cheerful Winston ChurchillThe father of Victory agrees you are well my friend I will never forget what you made for meThey laughed all together with joy they boarded aftera little bit in Christina when all was readyMy friends my friends farewell to Scorpios whoever comes here once then always returns to the Island of Blessed shouted hard Aristotle Onassis from the captain's cabin We leave the Ionian Sea with the green all around islands the emerald sea and we go fast in the Aegean Archipelago shouted gladly Gianni Anelli THE ARCHIPELAGO OF AEGEANThe fabulous Christina was sailing full speed having destination the Archipelago of Aegean with the famous islands known all over the worldAristotle Onassis and his friends left behind the Ionian Sea with the Ionian Islands and went to the sea where was born the famous Cycladic Culture a matrix the beginning of Greek Culture where everything beganA swarm of kingfisher followed the Christina they kept company the ship ready to seize that sailors 9flew at sea Sang a little Alcyone sang the song of ErosMaria Callas sung loud on the deck of ship and her voice was heard in the Aegean Sea Crazy bird’s seabirds you singing the histories worries of seamen answered ArisMARIA CALLAS SONG ARIA Sing small Alcyone kingfisherSingThe song takes the windAnd becomes Anthem on lipsOf loveListen the waves and are gladwith the dolphins coralsAnd the goldfishesMarine riders runcatch a miracleListen listen the voicesHow sculpture the InfiniteHow sing LoveAnd Death SANTORINIChristina stayed for a few days in Mykonosone morning salle for the fabulous Thira famous Santorini When they arrived at Round Islandall the guests went to the deck of the ship to admire the stunning Caldera The miracle of Santorini was born from the explosion of Volcano The lava covered Atlantis 10the lost the Ideal State of PlatoAlea aleoMykonos and Santorinivery in loveMaria Callas sang and her divine voice resounded in all Caldera all over Santorini the wind took her and transported to the Aegean Sea How beautifully the air blows softly my hair there is so much transparency that you see everything as it is close and far together the sky is so much glossyThe Round Island the Round Islandshouted astonished Churchill the rocks like sea monstersdominates around bends now we sink under the cliff attention does not knock Christina The huge stones are balancing do not fall on usFishing boats the shells the seaweed play the music of Archipelagos said Maria Callas the music of Eternal Return Listen listen the underground sound of Volcano the steam comes out of the viscera of Thira hear the terrible attack of the Earth said Onassis impressed from the spectacle of Volcano Return to Ithaca has the perfume of roses to look at the gulls warmly welcomethey make dives above the abyss of CalderaSantorini dressed in white greets silent dominates in the cliff ridge while from down it is chaos shouted Gianni Anielli The wind blows he wants to take her with himin the havoc and destruction The amazing sunset makes gold the sea of Santorini Unbreakable rips the bleu horizon and lost in the navy red said ecstatic Josephine 11Chaplin Time in Santorini looks like the opening of sunset revealing the Eternity now and forever Helen Douka shouted happily The wonder of Round Island the amazing light enlightened the souls became transparent The Fate the Destiny brought us here travelers of unknown seas they linked the lives said Onassis is something above our forces is far ahead of us From small child when I played with my friends or running alone on the streetsI had to feel so much beautifully so much happy Ever since I left fugitive from Smyrna do not kill me the Turks I lived a half life I was half a manThe Sirens of Love have changed our minds changed our lives we became Other people Aristo heard the waves how they knock on the rocks that you kisses me whispering words of love You frighten me when you shout and shout badly I do not recognize you I do not want you to blame me front the world I fall psychologically you spoil my reputation Maria was a impossible dream that was realized became mine my wife my mistressI love you hear me I suffer for youI love you I love youAristo do not ever leave you hear me for me you are the passage into deep darkness of myself that I did not know Flying to the Unknown hot tears passionthe pebbles and the shells I was collecting a childI traveled all over the world I sang in the bigger theaters I interpreted the most important heroinesnowhere I did not feel like here I feel like the victory of Samothrace flying over the mountains and seasLove is invincible Love is invi.

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characters Maria Callas ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ncible I am a fortunate Captain who sails in the seas with his Love 12 THIRAMagical Santorini stood casually abovefrom the active volcano that exhausts steams and lava from her viscera Together with the roar of the earth they were heard the wonderful music from Caldera realizing people's dreamsThe white bell towers dominated in Santorinieverywhere dominated the churches the small churchesthe double churches were countless with the two winged doors The streets the alleys the paths was labyrinthine in snake shape with the wilds invade in the Aegean Sea directly The dreamy paved streets uphill and downhill always led to the opening of the sea revealing the eternity of mythical Thira In every street every corner and yard in every enclosure a church with incredible curves is also revealed and vaulted roofs said impressed Eleni Douka The shutters are painted white blue greenwhen the light comes in it dazzles from the amazing glow The black pebbles sunk on the floor they form images from the future pictures of hell painted in the white lime that turns away the demons It's great to have the morning bath in this mythical sea I carry with me the picture as I have imagined and as I have seen in exhibits on the cape Maria traveled all over the placebut the myth of Lost Atlantis is exercising a strange charm on you answered Aris I have seen Atlantis emerging through Sea as another Aphrodite kissed from the seaA vision a dream come truemy mind does not say to leave something it wants to sayThe memories come uninvited are uncontrolled 13so the brain works for all people The airs of Aegean attacked from all sides fabulous Santorini but this resisted tenacious in the passage of centuries Lonely beaten from the wind lived all the dramatic moments of history its amazing harmony swims in the light of archipelago revealing the opening I feel the awe that exudes Caldera leads to the inevitable end observed Maria Mythical Thira is creation of volcano knowing well ANCIENT THEATER OF EPIDAURUS MEDEAThe magic mountain the magic mountain we reached in the magical mountain cried Maria Callas with the most beautiful theater in the worldancient present futureThe bloomed flowers the beautiful trees smelledintoxicating fragrances The titanoliths of the theaterthey waited for 14000 spectators the theater was like Polykleitos the younger Divine slopes drowned in the trees revealed the miracle What a feeling Has noticed terrible acoustics observed Maria Callasthe slightest sound is heard until the last viewer the last seat I feel awe the coming catharsis comesI am lonely lost in time to enliven an ancient myth the myth of Medea A crowd of people waited outside the 14dressing rooms to welcome Maria Callas Alexis MinotisYannis Tsarouchis and other contributorsof the historical performance The theater was full world had come from all the places to see the showI have directed the authentic Medea in the theaterof Euripides Cherubini wrote differentlythe same myth the Same History said Alexis Minotisthe director of the work Wonderful Maria the costumeof Medea became beautiful I put all my artTsarouchis added only for you Yes indeed it is amazing Yannis carries the history of Greek costume fits perfectly on me Maria is looking in the mirror to see what it looks like the last ones details before the show begins Medea is a witch helped Jason to get the Golden Fleece because he fell in love with the mythical heroHe made two children with him violating the oaths of Priestess said Alexis MinotisMythical lovers left Colchis and they went to the mythical Corinth with their two childrenWhen they arrived in the city Jason left completelysuddenly Medea and married Glafkithe daughter of King Creon Then on a depositof cynicism asked Medea to turn back in her home country The unfaithful man provoked the witch then she thought of a horrible and terrible planreplied Eleni Douka The show began to go uickly to the standsto see the work proposed by director Alexis MinotisAll together the actors of the show sat in front in the first places to see to enjoy the show better15 THEATER SCENEMaria Callas as Medea had shocked the audience14000 thousands spectators watched with cutting the breath exhaled by the great DivaThe interpretation of Callas is fantastic it is so muchexpressive so much passionate which is like bloodwill be thrown from the vocal strings observed Alexis Minotis It reveals with boldness Medea of fire feels abusive humiliated ostracized all she wants is love from the man who she fell madly in love and made two children with himThe traitor Onassis is here monologue Maria while played shockingly the role of Medea Just as Jason left Maria for another woman Jackie Kennedy I still did not understand why he did the traitor the traitor I want to kill himIn a pause does not play absolute silence prevails in Ancient theater thinks on stage so much hardwhose silent thought sounds loudAristos is among the world I feel himI feel his energy in the stands he watching me The miserable I live a hell of this separation I went and came to the down world many timesShe cried as if Medea is crying while Callas is crying to betray of Onassis The face of Callas clearly shows Onassis's betrayal it thinks to attributes the role The tragic archetypal love tortures Medeathe same and Maria from great betrayalThe God Love pushes to the Humanitythe conflict between rational with not reasonable 16It is unbelievable how brutal an infamous spouse comes to do such heinous actionSTAGE MEDEA MARIA CALLAS Look at Who I am Medea a barbarian a stranger What I went and made Now how I will see the light of dawn How I show mercy For children of Jason they are also my children Poor gave birth themThey came out from this uterus matrix MEDEA OF PIER PAOLO PASOLINI ROME17Pier Paolo congratulations said the great Federico Fellini I was troubled a very subversive filmMaria was great without singingyou have replaced the Word of Euripideswith the Word of Silence the motion of bodies looks gestures Wonderful Wonderful Dialogues were so elliptical left to express original Medeabrutal ruthless Completely primitive wild crazyinstincts sought the vindication of treasonsaid Michelangelo Antonioni elatedBravo Mariathe calmness the serenity of the look revealedall the tragedy a great a great actorΙt seemed when Medea killed her childrenwhat an abominable unwise act I was shocked I felt truly what says tragic feelingMaria was stunning said Anna Maniania wonderful actor was revealedfront our eyes continued saying Gina Lollobrigidayou have This that like in the worldwhich have all the great stars you do not pass unnoticed you causes the interestingThank you thank youcontinued Pasolini and Maria CallasEven I would like to hear Maria to sing complemented Mauro BoloniniIt would be a great challenge it would change completely the film would be completely differentI said a very nice lullaby but did not enterwas amazing I loved it a lot I tried to show Maria actress18and not to be overshadowed by the great singerthis would be easy good for the filmLittle slow did not have rhythm we would not want to stay long in silence pauses this was deprived of movement in action added some friends of Pier PaoloMary was a real revelation astonished positive all over the world but the future seemed uncertainA friend of Pazolini approached at that momentand said that they ask Callas in the telephone from Paris Bruna is urgentMaria Callas apologized and went to the phone to talkHi Bruna what became happens something urgent Madam that went the projection had successful Romans welcomed you well Wonderfully this we discuss now what you want to talk tell the real reason that you tookOh how to say it it's little difficult I do not know how to start The house filled flowershere you know who wants to talk to youMaria Callas from a cheerful womanwas suddenly transformed into MedeaWhat asks this curious Greek because does not leave me uietI will not talk to himWhat became Arisyou were bored Jackie Kennedynow he wants me tooWhat a sick mind my godthe ridiculous the ridiculousTell him to leave me alonefinished the feast once and for all19I continue my lifeHe left the earphone calm and went to the guests to continue the discussion about MedeaMaria is all right how are you asked worriedPier Paolo did not want to spoil the atmosphereNice you do not give importance nothing happened just finally divorced Aristotle Onassis PARISWith you I am happy you inspire me you are the womanwhich I wanted to have on my side He can stand next to me to give prestige respect confirmation all over the world Jacueline you are the most beautiful woman that I knew and I do not mean only the appearancethe first lady of America Jackie you feel something for me even so little You have feelings or it is just something that is concerned coexistence affection companionshipAristotle I will answer honestly you are one of the most exciting men that I knew Very smart intelligent I would say great in businesses This from only makes you very enchanting I had all America next to me and I felt aloneyou understand the Widow KennedyJackie what about ‎Jackiesomewhere I had left it somewhere I had neglectedWaited for become the elections in America after the death of Robert Kennedy she remained hanging it had to do something to avoid being lost does not pass in unclaimed and no one was dealing with her Come on come on you do complaints20kissing wildly passionately we have the life in front of us we have to see the future and only the futureIn January 1973 Alexander Onassis was killedin an airplane accident The news fell like a thunderboltall remained astonished voiceless from the tragic fact Alexander my single son died when his plane was crashed I do not believe it happened to me Fate villain struck me I deeply believe that was not a accident was a sabotage from my enemies I will find who killed my son and will be punished exemplarily by justiceAristo fine courage do not put it down do not let it get you down such a tragic event replied Jacueline Do not give up now it's difficult you have to do it stand upright Piaggio fell on a flight test in Athensit was so violent the collision that nothing was leftWith difficulty I recognized the corpse burned wholemy boy my pride how much devious end hadTurn away the black thoughts from your mind became the Fate nothing brings Alexander backYou have to look at how you will live from here onit is important that you be well do not suffer your healthI have all the wealth’s of world what to do without my son the light of my life From him I took courage to continue to live to create was the continuity of myself my successor Now I have lost every desire for life what to do I feel so overwhelmed I lost any interestexists a resignation that leads to the darknessAri the same I felt when they murdered John KennedyI did not want to live I did not want life without JohnWe are very in love you know we have kids togethernobody and nothing could comfort me21All was saying courage Jackie but I did not hear anythingI was lost in an unknown dark world but I stood on my feet I came back to life and I began to stand on my feet to live again to enjoy to love to appreciate the simple things The tragic Fate of Kennedy was linked with the Curse of Onassis the death reigns over the two FamiliesThe two friends legendary Maria Callas and beautiful Helen Douka they discussed in the house of Callas drinking their coffee Onassis became a rag it is awful can not to reunite from the death of AlexanderAll talks for his son saying that he will find the culpritsthe murderers became an obsessionSomeone wanted to give the finishing strokeand he managed kept telling them all the time I'll find out who he is Nor with your Love it can be forgotten the sadness the sorrow they conuered his soul needs consolation it has big Need you have to stand by his side to forgetHe wants to turn to Me to become a regular couplebegan divorce with Jackie it's a matter of timeWhen I left I became mad I felt immense painhow can I trust him I can not pass the sameThat's why you're leaving tour with Di Stefanoto escape the old love with the tenor woke upAfter some time Aristotle Onassis did bile surgery something went wrong and his health worsened The two friends soprano Maria Callas and the archaeologist Eleni Douka waited outside the Onassis room at the American Hospital in ParisFortunately we escaped from the photographersthey did not understand that we entered the plan worked said Maria joyfully22He waits for you do not hesitate watch what you sayit needs you it is very difficult delicate situationand reuires special handling Maria Callas walked hesitantly opened the door and entered in Maria My Loveyou finally camehow I waited for youclosed the door no one did not hear nothingMaria Callas stayed very long in the roomwhen it came out collapsed it fell almost unconsciousin the arms of Helen Douka as soon as it assembled it said convulsed with teardrops in the eyes HelenAristos is in his lastit dies dies you hear me It loses consciousness it confusesYou spoke you said what you wanted to sayand kept years deep inside your soulYes yes of course I said he was the man of my lifemy great Love my great love No one I did not fell in love with such Passion made me feel a woman really happyThe Same replied and he overwhelmedhe cried like a toddler trembled entire It shocked me I was upset never in my life I did not feel such intense feelings Maria we go they will understand us we do not sit here we say it home with comfort with details I can not stay with Ari now that needs me 23to stand next to him he is marriedI will stay on the sidelines my life changes sharply Violent will not be the same without himThe two women were secretly leaving the hospitalno one understood anythingJAPAN TOKYO 1945 50 After th.