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Download Maria Callas a Greek Myth B Read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Nikos Kolesis Nikos Kolesis Æ 4 Download Ried in the endto make a movieplaying Medea in the movieof Pier Paolo PasoliniEPISODE 3 SCENE 1 VENICE TEATRO LA FENICEBATTISTA MENEGHINI We will never be lost in the darkness of love no one will divorce uswe will be together until the endMARIA CALLASEros and Death in Venicea beautiful subject for opera10we have to recommend it to a composerto write the libretto and the musicBATTISTA MENEGHINI I would prefer diethan to deceive you to betray youI am eternally faithful to youMARIA CALLASBattista we both belongto the great lovers of Venicewho passionately loved this CityAll those who wrote books musical workspaintings glorifying mythical SinioriaThe music world of Verdi and VivaldiPuccini and Correli who wrote masterpieces for Venice they were inspired by thisBATTISTA MENEGHINI Do not forget the case of Goldoniwith the comedy of characters renewed the Comedy incorporating elements from Commedia Dell'ArteMARIA CALLASThe Literary Circle of Venice includesgreat writers loyal friends likeGoethe Thomas Man Joyce Hemingway11Henry James Flaubert Proust BalzacShakespeare Lord Byron ours SolomosBATTISTA MENEGHINI The mythical lovers of Venice wonderful writersPoets have solved the problems of the worldthrough their booksThe circle of poets of Venice lived an incredible explosion of light of great inspiration for fabulous SinioniaHow many and how many times they did not die in the battles fieldsof love for their belovedMARIA CALLASMy dream is I make happy the others with my songBATTISTA MENEGHINI Mary I'm sailing in a sea of happinessI think we are the perfect coupleMARIA KALLAS MONOLOGUE He never understood my needswhat I really wantI became a famous soprano I maturedA beautiful woman in her great glorythat all wants to conuer to make me theirs 12Battista remained the same and unaltereda boring and colorless spouse who becamenarrow corsetBATTISTA MENEGHINIMaria Maria what happenedwhat do you think where you travel MARIA CALLAS You act as a prison guard you never leave me aloneYou control me in everythingyou are like a hated guardand kept me locked up all these years Ι suffocate He did not understand anything he did not do anythingVENETIANS It will wake up one morning as a happy spouse but his wife is missing she went with another manMARIA CALLAS The rupture with my spouse and me is completeand final This rupture has existed for a long timeand the cruise on the yacht Christina there was only a coincidence13SINGERMeneghini kept a distant attitude after his separation from CallasHe spoke very little about this in one of themhe said that Onassis reported the fact Your wife will stay with me then I understandthat it is a decision of both but when they did take it it still remains a mystery BATTISTA MENEGHINIMaria what you think you're dreaming againcome we arrived without understanding in La FeniceMARIA CALLASYou know how I want to golong before the show to prepareafter that I accept people in the dressing roomall must be ready in the perfection EPISODE 4 SCENE 1 JAPAN TOKYO 1945 50 MARIA CALLAS14What a nice thing what a nice onejust came in my mind an AriaI honestly did not expect to feel so happy ARIAYou see you see Arisunlight illuminates all creationrevealing the worldthe small and the big onesThe winds like the wavescarry our lovethe passions of peoplethe constant flow of feelings thoughtsfears of old and newLooked at – looked at how the raindrops runto the flowers and leaves in the blossoming cherry treesThey are the tears of personsthat mirrors the beauty of his soulhis dreams his distresses his passionsARISTOTLE ONASSIS ARIAExists such transparencythat all became onethey returned to themselvesYou see you seethe rain disappearedthe iridescent colors appeared of the rainbowIncredible peacefulness dominates arounddeep into the soul15An open mirror that reflectsthe sky the sea and the earthMaria Mariathe soul with one was freedthey left from above my weights sins of centuries I became windI fly I flyMARIA CALLASAristο you come we walk a bit still in the gardento go to the sea that you love so muchAn invisible secret power leads usto spotless waters what fine all around reminds Greeceas if we were on a Greek beachARISThe marine landscapes where you are next the seathey look like they have a common element the waterbut here indeed the bay is so much graphic as if are come out from some Greek island MARIA CALLASPerhaps is absent us the homeland the incurable nostalgia made it lookin our eyes GreekYou know I still hear my mother's voicewake me up from the wild mornings16to read to study musicand prepare for the schoolOnly you knew right nowhow much I would like to be in Greeceand even summer in the Aegean rememberARISMaria how I forget – how I forget such happiness you are always in my heartthat I make wherever I goYour form dominates the mindand in my soulthe love I feel for youmakes me a better personI am already anotherMARIA CALLASTrue true you believe itthe same happens to meI was transformed became a Other I am glad I enjoy the life the lovewithout limits before I was all committedand bans because the song he needs great disciplineMARS You should not let it goyou made such a fightthis is your life you have become what you are17You know I would never leave the jobsthe business the way I livefor no lovethe same thing you do that's why I loved youYou are a wonderful woman a diva of operawith your song you make peopleto forget they pass in the oblivion but also to remember the passionstheir original originMARIA CALLASAri you are a Greek of worldyou have Free Spiritthat nobody is going to tameA resourceful man from Smyrna who manageswhat he wantsbut always returns to mythical IthacaARISYou made me so happy with what you saidI wish this moment.

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Download Maria Callas a Greek Myth B Read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Nikos Kolesis Nikos Kolesis Æ 4 Download NIKOS KOLESISSYNOPSIS MARIA CALLASΑ GREEK MYTHB THEATER1Also wrote from the NovelΝovella 2 theaters and 2 operas six booksand script for cinemaIt concerns the life and work of Maria Callas through the interpretations of great plays that played Norma Traviata Tosca Medea Isolde Anna Bolena Leonora reveals the struggle of heroines for the final vindication An anthem an epic an elegy for the fight of women for absolute liberation euality finally the knowledge the supreme lightEPISODE 1 SCENE 1 VENICE1945 50 60 TOM SPANOSBeautiful Helen you are a ueena fairy of fairy tales that came in Venice and you charmed mewith your beauty you have made me entirely yoursEros made a total occupationI spent magical nights with you and dreamy full of love and passion as in fairy tales2ARISTOTLE ONASSISThe Life is beautiful the Life is beautiful for this we must live it completelywith all our soulonly then we really feel we are aliveThe nights in Venice are damned filled with passion love and crazy funMARIA KALLAS SINGINGHow to believe a man's wordsthat lives with passion the love he is perishing from his beautyperform acrobatics over the sea and the wavesThe moonlight flickerson the seawhile the exuisite Musicals fade with the soundsof the waves on the shores of mythical stateALL TOGETHERBella VeneziaBella Veneziathey laughed singing the song of lovethe wonderful song of VeniceSINGERContarini welcomed at the entrance of palacethe guests saying jokes3teasing each otherMaria Callas wore a very beautiful uniform of ueen so and Beautiful Helenwhile Aristos and Tom had put on the uniformsof the famous StratiotiGreek Knights of Sinioria who went thereafter the Fall of ConstantinopleANNA KONTARINIMaria is great honorthat you are with us todaycome it passed they are many who want to know youto talk with youThey follow you wherever you gowherever you singare your fanatical fansMARIA CALLASGlad to see themand talk to themto thank them personally17for this dedicationWe have time for the carnivalthen we will live the wild night of carnival in fabulous VeniceARIS4Maria Helen Tomthen we will live a wild carnival nightuntil the morning and the next dayMARIA CALLASI fell in love with Ariand I gave it to my soulI left I abandoned everyoneand everything to devote to our loveMARSMaria conuered litteraly the brain and my soulI continuously see your form in front of me where I go whatever I doI am crazy in love with youTOM SPANOSThe same happens with Beautiful Helen I abandoned everyone in Americato come near her just askedis my person the woman of my lifeAlthough she has many fansmany proposals for marriageshe's faithful to me it's not nice I'm crazy I do not know what to doARIS5My friend we are both crazy loversto see what will happen with this storyThe carnival atmosphere is diffused in the all palacea string orchestra gives the rhythm giving cheerfulness to the disguisedSINGERThe table in the big salon was setwith wonderful dishes resembled works of artThe guests ate with golden cutleries and the food was served in porcelain dinnerwareThe wine was plentifulwhile countless employees dressed in the same waylooked after the Contarini guestsEPISODE 2 SCENE 1 NEW YORK 1940 50ELENI DOUKAMaria Mariado not continueMARIA CALLAS6Many times I felt so much breathI read his thoughtsthe immense tenderness he hidbehind the apparent hardnessIt was then that I felt strongrichly completed I gave in Aristο the most beautiful years of my life I was 36 years old when I met himon the best moment of my career of my lifeI was totally left in the love I became his own entirely his ownhe made what he wanted that was my kingHELEN DOUKAMary do not give yourself so completelyso totally to a manI do not know if there is anyonewho deserves itYou were completely left in his handsfor that he did incredible thingsMARIA CALLASYou know HelenI have lived a astonishing lifeand I am delighted with itthe most you know of courseyou are my alter egoI had for colleagues great artistsBoris Christoff Mario del Monaco Giuseppe Di Stefano Tito Gobbi Giulietta Simionato7ELENI DOUKAHow I forget it is possiblethey were fascinating years incrediblelike a beautiful fairy taleMARIA CALLASI sang in the biggest operas of the worldParis New York LondonMilan Venice RomeBuenos Aires Mexico CityIt is known the special tone of my voicealmost three octaves with tragic talentthat's why I sangNorma Tosca Violetta Lucia MedeaFor many I am a dramatic sopranowith extremely high almost three octavesThey say when I lost the poundsI lost also that astonishing voice the light of the great sopranoHELEN DOUKANonsense nonsenseit was the best time of your lifeyou had touched the perfection Do not hear anything from what they saythey want to tease you to hurt youYou are a really great singerand they find different ways to reduce you8MARIA CALLASIt's not trueI know it very wellbecause I am the same Person who sang with the many poundsand with the fewI can say with certainty that my voice is better nowI am a lyrical soprano with dramatic talenta soprano with unlimited possibilitiesand imagining that I startedas Mezzo sopranoA tragic voice of baritone lowbut very flexiblethe tone is dark almost blackmy extensive voice skillsallow me to singtragic operas and lighter onesLucia di Lammermoor Anna Bolena PuritansNorma and Fidelio Sleepwalkingare some examplesI have a tragic voicethat I softened as much as I couldHELEN DOUKAFavorite Maryyour relationship with Aristotle Onassisit was fatal decisiveYou changed lifestyle9with result your voice to lose from the power the beautyand expressivenessYou resigned you left the songand you did little with itThen you worked very hardyou sang many different rolesand this influenced your voice That's what you t.

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Download Maria Callas a Greek Myth B Read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Nikos Kolesis Nikos Kolesis Æ 4 Download To keep an eternityto immobilize the timeand to stay as we are nowhappy crazy in love18EPISODE 5 SCENE 1 GREECE ATHENS 1940 45 46 47 WORLD WAR IIPOSSESSION NATIONAL RESISTANCECIVIL WARANTONIS ROMANOSHerodion is the best theater in the worldit is a great honor for youto start your career from this theaterThe all Greek people are with youin supportit sees it as an action of resistance against the conuerorsYou see it's already fullfive thousand people and has many from outside MARIA CALLASFreedom is won with struggles and sacrificesthe deads thousands of this wild warthey ask for their rightIt is the beginning of a big course no one was born inferiorwe are all creatures of GodI believe in a better world19without fascists and tyrantsfor them I fight for a free worldELENI DOUKAThe war did a great deal of harmmad the peoplethey lost the value of measure of human lifeRomane I loved you with passionI'm dying for you but the redemption is latefor the souls of menSmelled what what beautifully smells around the Acropolis and the theaterit smelled thyme basilwith one remorse the guiltsthe song of Athens is a hymnin FreedomOnly death will separate us you hearonly deaththe mourning does not fit our loveANTONIS ROMANOSBeautiful Helen love is the only winnerI love you listen to me I'm dying for youSuddenly the sky of Athensfilled heavenly melodiesI live a dream that I never want to finishUntil Athens is liberateduntil the conuerors leaveour love will remain hidden20MARIA CALLASI'm afraid the world will rebeland became a fussthe resistance is well armedANTONIS ROMANOSNo nothis is not going to happen somethingI know it very wellThe National Resistance wants the show to take placeto see the whole world what they can make the Greeks ELENI DOUKAThe opposite perhaps becomes something of the side of conuerorsWhen they see so many peoplemay arrest some for retaliationthat Resistance can not make anythingANTONIS ROMANOSNone of this is going to happenno one is in favor of a conflictinside and outside of Herodionunder the AcropolisWhen even a German project is coming upFidelio of BeethovenHerodion August 1944 to rememberthis day will remain in the History21ELENI DOUKAMaria the fact got a big dimensionis not just an artistic eventThe uploading of Fideliofor the first time in Greeceis an important fact Perhaps this is the last yearthat the country is in the possession of GermansThe Greek people rebelled to leave the Germansthe bonds of TyrannyLeonora becomes a symbol of democratic fights that's why the project was written was referring to the mass executions of liberalsand Democrats in Austria in 1793Leonora is a symbol of freedomand not just marital love and devotionMARIA CALLAS What pleasure to breathe freelyin the countrysideOnly here is life the prison is a grave Do not forget the work for meis a climax for my career ELENI DOUKAMaria you are only 17 years oldand you will play such a great role of LeonoraMARIA KALAS22Eleni I already played Tosca of Puccinithe operetta of Suppe BoccaccioEugenius d'Elber opera Kambos Santuza in Cavalleria rusticana of MascagniANTONIS ROMANOSBeautifully – beautifully we did not ask for your resumecome we go in the dressing rooms to get readyWe will be next to you behind the stage for support for whatever you need23EPISODE 6 SCENE 1 LOS ANGELES HOLLYWOOD 1950 60 ELENI DOUKA23 A you keep goingELENI DOUKAGod what I pullyou will see what is going to happenand you Maria you do not make that you do not understandthey all laughed together happilyand embraced cheerful ELENI DOUKAMaria today you are very revealingit seems to me that apart from an archaeologistI will become a historianI think I have to take notesfor what you say or get a tape recorderto write themMARIA CALLASCome on come on do not tease meyou know when I speakfor the past I am liberatedI feel better I make an assessment I understand what I made correct or error Helen when I hear a song I play itwith the original tonemy ear never betray meFor this those who I heard and sang today 24it was very TeachingI learned a lot about the peopleand the folk songis an inexhaustible wealthELENI DOUKAIt is true it is truewe lived a different experience MARIA CALLASLa Paloma is my favorite songwhich I sang many timesin operetta and lyrical scenesLily Pons my beloved singerit affected me a lotI heard all her recordingsMy voice is softbegan to be recognized as Callasafter the lessons that I did in Greecewith my teacherthe famous Elvira de HidalgoHabanera from Carmen suitsabsolutely in my voiceeven I did not sing the work on stageTOM SPANOSYour voice has a warm lyrical soundvery melodic that shines is bright25 SINGERThe guests continued with great joythe feast until the morningno one wanted to leaveThe newlyweds had regulated in every detailthe feast of marriage they all wanted to be happyand pass wellto remain unforgettable the marriage and feastTOM SPANOSEleni Mariayou still you did not come to see me in the theatrethat I play you forgot it completelyMARIA CALLASYou joke – you joke Electra is my favorite workI always wanted to play this role from small TOM SPANOSI think we would make an amazing twinyou in the role of Electraand I Orestes your brotherELENI DOUKATom you forget that Maria makes opera26 and you theaterit's a little difficult you understandTOM SPANOSBut that is exactly what I meanto experimentto show the relation between theater and operaMaria will sing in the playwhile on the contrary I will play I will respond theatricallywell it is a big discussion it wants timeMARIA CALLASIn any case is heard interesting proposal I am open to discussingbut we will certainly cometo see you in the theater you kept seats27THIS IS THE DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIMETHIS IS THE HISTORYNIKOS KOLESIS.

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