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  • 07 August 2020
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Talk to the Hand characters À 100 K side that will eventually make her life a living hellDonovon McNeil has been Nedra's best friend and guardian angel since college He secretly fell in love with her back then but decided their friendship was too important to risk ruining Over the years Donovon's feelings for Nedra have grown even stronger and trying to move on with his l. this is a good book

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Talk to the Hand characters À 100 Nedra Harris a twenty three year old business executive has experienced her share of heartache in her uest to find a soul mate Just when she's about to give up on love she runs into Simeon Mathews a gentleman she met in college years earlier She remembers his warm smile and charming nature but she soon realizes that Simeon possesses a dar. This was a great story about love and survival of domestic violence The characters were so authentic and real I had to step back several times for a moment The author did an amazing job with this story

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Talk to the Hand characters À 100 Ife has been difficult Concealing his love for Nedra from his current lover Brea Jones hasn't been easy Both she and Simeon are suspicious of the close friendshipDonovon knew there was something odd about Simeon the moment Nedra introduced them What he didn't know was that Simeon would rather see Nedra dead than in the arms of another man. The book started off OK but the story was really a bit unbelievable I had a difficult time identifying with any of the characters so I didn t feel happy or sorry for them as I read the book I actually kind of hoped Donovon would move on and find someone else to fall in love with since Nedra only seemed to have eyes for men with money and fameI also noticed there were a few inconsistencies throughout the book There were 3 occasions where the author said one thing happened and a few pages later it was said to have happened differently or not at all For example whether Simeon did or didn t know that Nedra was engaged at first whether she threw his engagement ring back at him or had it sent back to him via FedEx whether Donovon and Vivica broke up because of Nedra or because he was moving to Tennesee I generally found the book to be very poorly editedI also didn t like how the characters would CONSTANTLY refer to each other by name If 2 people are alone in a house they re not going to address each other by name in every second sentence when they re holding a conversationI would not recommend this book but I am open to reading other books by this author I can t believe the ratings this book is getting