A Secret Alchemy (PDF)

  • Hardcover
  • 416
  • A Secret Alchemy
  • Emma Darwin
  • English
  • 22 September 2020
  • 9780755330652

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Summary A Secret Alchemy Emma Darwin Æ 9 Free read Read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Emma Darwin The power struggles and passion that lay behind their birth the danger into which they fell the profoundly moving days before their imprisonment and the ultimate betrayal of their innocenceIn A Secret Alchemy three voices speak that of Elizabeth Woodville the beautiful widow of King Edward IV; of her brother Anthony surrogate father to the doomed Prince Edward and his brother Dickon;. I m not sure what this novel was supposed to be I was expecting historical fiction that actually linked up to something that the present day narrator was doing I thought it was very well written and did enjoy the sections with Elizabeth Woodville and Antony Woodville as the narrators and liked a lot of the descriptions However I failed to get how it really tied in with Una s story she was a historian writing about Antony and Elizabeth yes she visited the same places they had been she found something about Antony However I thought it would be a bigger deal than the information she found out and I was disappointed I did like the Richardian bits but thought the Una parts were a bit pretentious and hard going I also didn t really think that Darwin revealed anything about the Woodvilles or Richard III that hasn t been done before and actually found the fact that she seemed to be so one sided in favour of the Woodvilles annoyed me a lot I am not sure if that was the point But let s talk about the thing that irritated me most about this Elizabeth seemed to be a total victim throughout She was tolerant of everything her husband did was a virtuous and good wife to her husbands a caring mother who doted on her children and couldn t bear to be apart from them and suffered at the hands of that bad man Richard III Antony also was portrayed as a kindly mentor to Edward V and seemed to come across as a selfless and godly person who only wanted to keep his young ward safe Of course history is not that simple and we will never know what happened but when he was taken by Richard III and sent to Pontefract it was portrayed as Richard desiring to seize power from the rightful heir Darwin never mentions the scheming attributed to the Woodvilles and the fact that Antony wanted Edward firmly in his power so he and Elizabeth could exercise their own power Richard III is not whiter than white but I just thought the Woodvilles were presented too simplisticly as was RichardI would only recommend this for die hard Richardians as I didn t think it added anything to books about Elizabeth Woodville that are already out there

Summary A Secret AlchemyA Secret Alchemy

Summary A Secret Alchemy Emma Darwin Æ 9 Free read Read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Emma Darwin Two murdered princes; a powerful ueen betrayed; a nobleman riding towards his certain deathThe story of the Princes in the Tower has been one of the most fascinating and most brutal murder mysteries in history for than five hundred yearsIn a brilliant feat of historical daring Emma Darwin has recreated the terrible exhilarating world of the two youngest victims of the War of the Roses. A Secret Alchemy Emma DarwinWhere this book really shines is in the uality of the writing it was a pleasure to read for that alone And if I was rating on the writing alone I would have given it 4 12 but trying to give an overall rating is difficult Individually the two stories that it contains kept my attention though I found the medieval one the moving and the link between them is I feel somewhat tenuous The almost eual weighting of them meant that for me it felt like reading two separate books Which is the reason I settled on 3 stars I wish we could subdivide the star rating if I could I would have given it 3 34 I also found it difficult to work out how the title fitted with the story which is probably my fault rather than the author s but which I nevertheless found distracting There was one very minor reference to alchemy but as we never got to see the end result of that I was slightly irritated by it I d have liked to know if the king was convinced and what chicanery had been used to do soNevertheless well worth a read especially if you are a fan of double period books though you may need a dictionary for some of the Latin and a few technical terms

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Summary A Secret Alchemy Emma Darwin Æ 9 Free read Read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Emma Darwin And that of present day historian Una Pryor Orphaned and herself brought up in a family where secrets and rivalries threaten her world Una's experience of tragedy betrayal and lost love help her unlock the long buried secrets that led to the princes' deathsWeaving their stories together Emma Darwin brilliantly evokes how the violence and glamour of past ages live on within our presen. There was just enough to keep me going through the whole thing but in the end this was just a confusing mess She switches narrative voice too freuently and timelines as well so I was never uite sure when we were And the modern story was just a mess simply did not belong to the rest of it and was jarring every time I got there In the endnotes Darwin says she included Anthony s voice in addition to Elizabeth s because so many of the major events in Elizabeth s life were off screen as it were However since much of his narration was in flashback it still felt off screen and confusing to boot when is this bit happening again The end twist a la Byatt s Possession was just lame read that book instead to see how to wrap a historical story in a modern one complete with scholarship and found letters What a disappointment too many things going on and trying too hard