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  • Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation
  • Rhys Isaac
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  • 18 September 2018
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Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation Download ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Landon Carter a Virginia planter left behind one of the most revealing of all American diaries In this astonishingly rich biography Isaac mines this remarkable document and many other sources to reconstruct Carter's interior world as it plunged into revolution The aging patriarch though a fierce supporter of American liberty was deeply troubled by the rebellion and its threat to established order His diary originally a record of plantation business began to fill with angry stories of revolt in his own little kingdom Carter writes at whit. Landon Carter was a wealthy plantation owner in Virginia in the decades preceding the American Revolution This book which is a history not historical fiction tells of his life from about 1760 until his death in 1778 and is based on historical documents but mostly in Carter s diaries They paint a picture of man who was torn between his paternalistic approach to his family plantation and politics and the changing times He had over 400 slaves and a large family His diaries are full of his experiences and thoughts as the head of the family a man responsible for his people slaves member of the Virginia House of Burgesses a scientific farmer a healer and philosopherThis book is a slow read largely because to language in his diaries employs a strange syntax and unusual words and their meanings some of which are explained by the author but many aren tWhile this is an interesting first hand account of life on a plantation during these troubled times my primary desire to read this book was because Landon Carter was my great great great great great grandfather

Read Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia PlantationLandon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation

Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation Download ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Elped to start had crumbled the foundations of Carter's own home In Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Rhys Isaac unfolds not only the life but also the mental world of our countrymen in a long distant time Moreover in this presentation of Landon Carter's passionate narratives the diarist becomes an arresting new character in the world's literature a figure of Shakespearean proportions the Lear of his own tragic kingdom This long awaited work will be seen both as a major contribution to Revolution history and a triumph of the art of biograph. A somewhat dry book on the life of Landon Carter Landon was part of the wealthy Carter clan and he owned a number of plantations on the Northern Neck and Middle Neck Sabine Hall was his home and this era covers from right before the French Indian War to soon after the American Revolution This book takes most of the information from his diary and little than that What is interesting is his view of the government from 1760 onward and his hopes that King George III would be removed by the British and a better king placed on the throne one that would honor and uphold the British Constitution as he did not want independence just a better honorable leaderThe book discussed the slaves at length and his management of the slaves A great deal of stress that he created for himself by having slaves His son went on to free these slaves see the book The First Emancipator Mr Carter disliked his son the great ASS hated the wife of his son and was not on speaking terms with his daughter she married someone who did not meet his approval He instead developed a somewhat trusting relationship with a number of his slaves who he taught medicine and surgery He freuently felt slighted especially when the slaves ran away Compared to the monsters of other plantations he seemed to be a softy as owners can be called which is never the right term as he wrote in the diary she keeps running away I will have to do something the next time she runs away A number of his slaves had drinking problems and smaller plantation owners or farmers took advantage of this by trading booze for farm tools and livestock The book emphasized that he worked hard to make sure the elderly slaves were cared for but it is hard to pinpoint how I would stop by their cabins to see how their own gardens were growing I learned a few things from them that I introduced out in the fieldsNot a book that sensationalized the issue of the days More a recap of the diary

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Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation Download ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB E heat his words sputtering from his pen as he documents the terrible rupture that the Revolution meant to him Indeed Carter felt in his heart that he was chronicling a world in decline the passing of the order that his revered father had beueathed to him Not only had Landon's king betrayed his subjects but Landon's own household betrayed him his son showed insolent defiance his daughter Judith eloped with a forbidden suitor all of his slaves conspired constantly and eight of them made an armed exodus to freedom The seismic upheaval he h. This work focuses on Landon Carter 1710 1778 The author is interested in showing us how this man thought Because he was one of the wealthiest men in Virginia how he thought is very important Having considered himself a patriotic citizen of the British empire for 50 years having studied in London having lived the privileged life available only to men who could surround themselves with hundreds of slaves how did he justify in his own mind the rebellion against the King And how did he deal with the daily rebellions by his slaves on his many estates and by family members in his own home Based on diary notations this work focuses on the mental struggle of Landon Carter to understand the changes he is living through As a Burgess he was one of the first Virginians to remonstrate with Parliament over the unconstitutional imposition of the Stamp Act He sided with the patriots between 1773 and 1776 though he did not agree with Thomas Payne or Patrick Henry Instead he hoped Virginia s constitutional rights would be restored When Lord Dun announced the emancipation of slaves and eight of his Africans joined the British Landon Carter accepted the American independence movement This work covers other aspects of Carter s mind too He considered himself trained in medicine and dispensed medical advice and recommended treatments continually There is a fascinating chapter that explains Carter s understanding of how the human body works using constructs devised by Hypocrates and Galen and only slightly amended by Harvey s discovery of the circulatory system While his political views evolved somewhat his medical understanding advanced but little The diaries primarily show us the Landon Carter who struggled to manage every aspect of his tobacco and corn based estate economy He also attempted to control all of his slaves and each of his dependents In this arena Landon plays the role of George III His children and grandchildren disobey disrespect and disregard him His relations with his eldest son and daughter in law who live with him in Sabine Hall in expectation of his demise are especially difficult His political world and the domestic world seem to be falling apart simultaneously What did he think about these changes The FatherKing figure was an important construct that explained and justified the way things worked in the political realm the King in religion God in the family the father and on the manor the all knowing patriarch During Landon s lifetime many came to uestion this simplistic arrangement Americans rebelled against the King and his ministers the Enlightenment undermined traditional religious teaching and Landon s own family and slaves disobeyed and disrespected him Rhys Isaac helps us understand the painful mental transformation through which thoughtful eighteenth century gentlemen had to go Landon Carter had the intelligence to see the changes and to think in new ways but he could not force himself to change fast enough By studying Landon Carter we are reminded how strangely different the world was before 1776 and how difficult it must have been to give up old patterns of thought