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River Temptress

Read í River Temptress 100 R Manuela slipped off to swim in a secluded riveronly to realize with horror that the hot blooded scoundrel had followed her and was now splashing naked in the water beside herRugged Louis Saint Denis had journeyed from Louisiana all the way to Mexico intent on succeeding in his daring mission for France Then he met the restless ripe Manuela and the lusty male.

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Read í River Temptress 100 From the moment raven haired Manuela Ramon set eyes on commanding Louis Saint Denis she decided the arrogant Frenchman was beneath her regard Still the aristocratic beauty could not ignore how his shy blue eyes seemed to strip away her gown nor how his knowing smile intimated that he could make her tremble with desire Seeking escape from the insolent adventure.

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Read í River Temptress 100 Could think only of feeling her firm young flesh eagerly yielding beneath him He knew he should seed the embrace of an experienced woman and not jeopardize his career for this one tempting morsel But Louis could not resist the challenge of her innocence and the thrill of her conuest and it was now far too late to break the rapturous spell cast by his bewitchi.

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  • Myra Rowe
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